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Magical Loli Quest

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Magical Loli Quest Empty Magical Loli Quest

Post by Twilightwings Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:04 am

(Name picked based off popular demand.)

Well this is the intro session to the rpg I had an idea of. Since only Dark staed on Dark got to have the intro. Next session though goes right to the plot so don't feel dismayed!

[17:31] <@Kite> It is a day unlike any other that you can remember. The sun feels just a little hotter than usual. The breeze moves the grass in ways you never noticed before. Today you belive would be a good day for relazing, but instead you find your self in this dense forest. The trees here seem to be everywhere as if put there by a child and finding your way around has been hard. It doesn't help that many goblins have been attacking you in here and to make it worse you're feeling quite hungry.
[17:32] <@Kite> You however continue to travel when you here the sound of shouting to your left.
[17:36] <Dark> Turning with a grunt, Yuri glances towards the sound
[17:39] <@Kite> As you turn towards the sound you see two people being attacked by goblins. The two people are fighting the monsters as well as they can but they seem to be already injured from previous fighting. The male of the two, a man with a few scard on his face that is barely hidden by his black hair, is fighting to protect his friend, who looked like she twisted her ankle from fighting.
[17:40] <@Kite> Neither look like they will last long, unless the man left the girl to die. However it doesn't seem like he will be doing that.
[17:41] <Dark> "Well..." he says simply before breaking into a run over, his rapier appearing in his hand
[17:44] <@Kite> The man doesn't notice you being to busy fighting back more goblins though the lady's face seems to brighten at the sight of help. However before she can say anything she flinches back as a goblin leaps at her. The attack is knocked off course by the man but he not before he takes a hit to his arm forcing him to drop his shield.
[17:47] <Dark> "Watch your back" i shout as I swing out at the Goblin that had just struck him
[17:54] <@Kite> The attack pierces right through what little armor the goblin was wearing and it's eyes go wide in surprise before it drops dead. As you look over the kill you realize that these goblins are rather pathetic compared to the grim goblins you've seen that haunt the high roads. These are a pale green color and seem to be like walking sticks.
[17:57] <@Kite> The goblins all turn to you as you intrude on their would be kill just got one to take a mace to the back of the head, the attack crushing it's skull and leaving it to die on the floor. The man says nothing as he begins to attack some more.
[17:59] <Dark> giving a grunt of disgust at the dead Goblin, Yuri swings his blade back aorund to thrust at another of the greenskins
[18:01] <@Kite> As you swing to attack the man also attacks however his attack is dodged by the goblin who laughs tuantingly.
[18:03] <@Kite> Your thrust however lands nicely into a goblin and it falls to the ground. It isn't dead yet though instead of trying to fight back it wails pitifully on the floor.
[18:03] <Dark> "There armour is weak at the neck" Yuri says as he twirls the blade in the air, the blood upon it spraying slightly, and steps over the incapacitated Goblin
[18:06] <@Kite> "Nice to know." The man says looking over the goblins while the girl chants to herself now that she won't be interupted again. However as she does that two goblins take the time to attack both of the men.
[18:14] <@Kite> One of the golbins misses its mark while the one almost lands a blow to Yuri though a quick parry and a stab iends its attack leaving it to weep on the floor. The man however is not so lucky as he takes the attacks to his disarmed shoulder.
[18:16] <@Kite> The man lefts himself up and swings down one one of the goblins killing it instantly before he turns and hits another. It doesn't die but it seems to be bledding pretty badly.
[18:18] <@Kite> The girl be hind the two of you finishes her chant before waving her arm towards her team mate. Quickly his bruises seem to heal up and he gets up looking better than before though he still seems tired and she looks worse of than before.
[18:21] <Dark> "A mage?" Yuri chuckles "Arnt you too full of surprises"
[18:21] <@Kite> The numbers have changed drastically now, there is only one goblin left able to stand with three more dying of various things on the ground.
[18:23] <@Kite> She says nothing seeming to be more busy with breathing as she tries to recover from over casting.
[18:23] <Dark> triling the blade elegently, Yuri thrusts his blade forwards again towards the remaining Greenskin
[18:24] <@Kite> The goblin takes the stab as well as it can though it lets out a cry. Still it does not go down before it swings its club at Yuri.
[18:27] <@Kite> And the swing is a magnificent failure, the goblin only getting a moment to react before it's head is smashed in by a mace to the face. It drops to the ground dead leaving only three severely injured goblins in sight.
[18:28] <Dark> "Humph" Yuri simply grunts as he looks around the skirmish ground, looking with distaste at the injured Goblins as he twirls his Rapier
[18:30] <@Kite> "Thanks for the help." The man says finally talking as he taks the time to personally bash in the rest of the skulls of the goblins around him.
[18:31] <Dark> "My pleasure" he simply nods, bending down to wipe the blood from his weapon upon the ground before smoothly placing it back into its sheif. "What are the two of you doing out here so unarmed anyway"
[18:34] <@Kite> "We were doing a servey of the area to make sure it was still safe for passage. You know how children like to wander off into the forest alone with just a few cheap pieces of metal. However we got ambushed by a whole squad of them and my partner here was injured from twisting her ankle." He says as he not-so-kindly shoves a root into her mouth. She makes a face that says see really dislikes the taste of said thing though she eats it anyways.
[18:35] <Dark> "well I suppose a good way of testing for danger is to throw yourselves into it" Yuri sighs with a shake of the head as he walks over to them "Any other injuries?"
[18:36] <@Kite> "I'm fine..." The lady says with a small glare to her partner. "You could have warned me first." She says bitterly though he just shrugs before helping her to her feet.
[18:41] <@Kite> "So what brings you here?" The guy says looking at you as his blonde haired partner tries to get in a position that will allow her to move best.
[18:47] <Dark> Kicking at one of the goblins and checking to see if its carrying anything of use Yuri glances to them "Where you guys heading?"
[18:47] <Dark> "Just passing between cities, heard shouting and came a running"
[18:49] <@Kite> "Fair enough." The man says with a nod. "We are going back to Lexus Town. Do you care to join us?"
[18:51] <Dark> "I'll come" he nods "I was heading in that direction anyway and it will be nice to have someone to talk to on the road for once"
[18:52] <@Kite> "Very well, let's be off." The man says as he begins to walk, his partner using him as support. "My name is Johnathan, and this girl here is Amitha."
[18:53] <@Kite> "Just call me Amy." She says as she glares at Johnathan for calling her a girl. johnathan however ignores it as he seems to have done the whole while.
[18:54] <Dark> "A pleasure" He gives a bow "Yuri. At your service"
[18:56] <@Kite> The man nods as he continues to walk towards Lexus Town you and his partner by his side.
[18:56] <@Kite> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Intro Over<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

And thus this intro was done!
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Magical Loli Quest Empty Re: Magical Loli Quest

Post by DorianCreed Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:56 pm

We needz moar of dis!

Magical Loli Quest Whatcolor_isblue

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Magical Loli Quest Empty Re: Magical Loli Quest

Post by Twilightwings Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:59 am

We do xD
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Magical Loli Quest Empty Re: Magical Loli Quest

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