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Post by DorianCreed Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:15 pm

[20:56] <@Dorian> A BLACK BACKGROUND...
[20:56] <@Dorian> STARS FORM
[20:56] <@Dorian> AND, FROM THE DEPTHS, RISES...
[20:56] <@Dorian> *N3GIMA GURPS*
[20:56] <@Dorian> It is the year 2075, and the world has changed
[20:57] <@Dorian> After the events in which Zanton was slain, the stories of heroes great and small spread throughout the world
[20:58] <@Dorian> Children went out into the world, looking for their own adventures, but elsewhere, a revolution of a different kind was happening
[20:58] <@Dorian> Mages throughout the world revealed themselves, and the existence of magic became known to all
[21:00] <@Dorian> Wizards, seeing the children waste their lives looking for that which doesn't exist, created dungeons for people to explore, filling it with loot
[21:00] <@Dorian> In response, merchants hired adventurers to take the loot and sell it back to the wizards who made the dungeons in the first place
[21:00] <@Dorian> And thus, the world span on
[21:02] <@Dorian> However, sometimes the dungeons break.
[21:03] <@Dorian> And troubleshooters are needed to fix the problems.
[21:06] <@Dorian> "Well, friends, you have been summoned here to deal with a renegade dungeon. You will be teleported in five minutes, I hope you spend your time constructively."
[21:07] <@Dorian> The Dutchman then leaves, locking the door behind him.
[21:07] <Spiritcurse> "So, show of hands, who else desperately doesn't want to be here?"
[21:08] <Tavolk> the watch on your wrist whirs slightly
[21:08] <Codex> A short figure bundled in a robe far too big for them raises a hand. "Send help." She rasps.
[21:08] <Spiritcurse> "Bloody spirits." I pop open my watch and fiddle with the mechanism. "You here for the TV show as well?"
[21:09] <Codex> "This one is televised?"
[21:10] <Spiritcurse> "Supposed to be. I applied on a whim. Then, as Lady Luck would have it, I won." The last word is heavily sarcastic.
[21:10] <Tavolk> The watch promptly snaps shut "You know I don't like it when you mess with my gears" a grouchy voice says
[21:10] *** GC (GC@sux-C79A8B5C.as13285.net) joined
[21:11] <Spiritcurse> "Look, I don't like this any more than you do. But we gotta do it. Contractual obligation and all that."
[21:11] <Codex> Slightly baffled, I pull a lozenge out of a very deep pocket and toss it back into the hood. "We're meant to work as a team I guess. What can you all do?"
[21:12] <Tavolk> "I tell the time REALLY well"
[21:13] <Spiritcurse> "I'm lucky."
[21:13] <Eve> "I can turn you into a hunk of rock, then into a sandwich and eat you."
[21:13] <Codex> My shoulders drop slightly.
[21:13] <Tavolk> "Make me a sandwich?"
[21:14] <Codex> "Be careful what you wish for." I turn around, to the two who haven't spoken to yet. "And you?"
[21:15] <Eve> "/Watch/ what you say, or I really will make you a sandwich."
[21:15] <GC> I enter the room, "I use guns to kill things, and BIGGER guns to kill BIGGER things".
[21:15] <Kite> "I'm nothing special honestly."
[21:15] <Eve> I nod with a face that seems to say "fair enough."
[21:16] <Codex> "Can you fight?" I rub my throat.
[21:16] <Kite> "I can." she says with a nod.
[21:17] <Spiritcurse> "I'd rather not, but I suppose I can figure something out."
[21:18] <Codex> "Well, I'm ok at healing magic and a few random spells from different schools." I pause. "I'm Liza by the way, nice to meet you all. Let's not die."
[21:18] <@Dorian> A blue glow fills the room, and the air begins humming.
[21:18] <Eve> "Good timing."
[21:18] <Spiritcurse> "I'm Kyle. Pleasure to meet you."
[21:18] <Tavolk> "You spoke to sOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN"
[21:19] <Eve> "Eva," I wave a hand from under the hat
[21:20] <Kite> "Carolina." The brunette replies, since everyone is sharing their names.
[21:21] <Spiritcurse> "Awesome, a rumble in the dungeon with the ladies. What could possibly go wrong?"
[21:22] <Codex> "Please don't tempt fate."
[21:22] <GC> "Feel free to call me Leon" I nod respectfully to the group.
[21:23] <@Dorian> A blinding blue flash fills the room as you all black out
[21:23] <Spiritcurse> "As a representative of fate, I'm already temp-." I wink at the female party members before passing out.


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[21:25] <@Dorian> You wake up in a strange room, your surroundings dark and unfamilliar
[21:26] <Codex> I sit up and check myself quickly, before standing up.
[21:26] <GC> I sit up and activate my night vision goggles, scouting the area.
[21:27] <Codex> I pull out a torch from my backpack and touch the Amulet I'm wearing with my otherhand, producing a small stone.
[21:31] <Codex> "Are you okay? Leon was it?"
[21:31] <GC> "I can't feel my arms!... oh wait, here they are" I say after locating my real arms..
[21:32] <GC> "How about you, everything in tact?"
[21:32] <@Dorian> As the room lights up, you see one door on the northern wall and two on each of the east and west. A stream of oil falls over the compass rose painted on the floor.
[21:33] <Kite> "I'm okay... where are we?" Carolina says with a frown.
[21:34] <GC> Blinking due to the bright light I remove my goggles, get to my feet and scan the room for clues as to where we should proceed next.
[21:34] <GC> "I... have no idea" I say, furrowing my brow and patting myself down with my extra arms.
[21:35] <Codex> "Let's have a quick check then..." I pause and prepare to cast a spell.
[21:38] <Codex> "Well, this room is safe, as far as I can tell."
[21:39] <Kite> "That's nice to hear. So should we go try to find the others or should we look for a way out?" Carolina says as she checks to see if she still has her belongings.
[21:40] <Codex> "Both." I take another quick look around the room. "So, Left, Forwards or Right?"
[21:40] <GC> "Agreed" I activate my GPS reciever.
[21:40] <Codex> "The watch from the before is talking to me."
[21:41] <Codex> "He's going to be watching through me."
[21:42] <GC> Realising I will get nothing because GPS is crap and never works I drop it back into my pack and strike a light. "Which way we headed then?"
[21:42] <Codex> "Fuck it, lets go Forwards." I point North.
[21:43] <Kite> Carolina nods before following after Liza.
[21:44] <GC> I head towards the door, gesture for the others to stay clear of the door before opening it slowly, making sure to stay to one side, my Gauss' drawn and ready.
[21:44] <@Dorian> The door is locked.
[21:44] <Codex> I walk towards the door with unnatural speed. "Alright, can either of you take hits better than the average person?"
[21:44] <Codex> "Oh."
[21:44] <GC> I shoot the lock.
[21:44] <@Dorian> The door is now unlocked
[21:45] <GC> I repeat the procedure.
[21:46] <@Dorian> The door opens into a new room. It is a broom closet. Congratulations
[21:46] <GC> "...Fuck".
[21:46] <Codex> I look to the compass. "East then."
[21:47] <GC> I march across the room, attempting to shoot the lock on the way, stand to the side of the door and try to force it open.
[21:48] <Kite> Carolina follows after looking slightly amused.
[21:48] <@Dorian> Of the two doors to the east, one looks like a door and the other is doorishly amused.
[21:49] <Codex> "One on the left first?"
[21:50] <Kite> "Sounds like a plan."
[21:50] <Codex> I freeze while stood next to the next door. "The others are finding some of the weirder things in the dungeon."
[21:51] <GC> "Where as we a flummouxed by a simple door".
[21:51] <Codex> "I think I prefer being here." I shake my head and point at the door. "Go on, give it the same treatment."
[21:52] <GC> Finding our situation amusing I holster the pistols, draw the shotgun and loose 5 shots into the left eastern door.
[21:53] <@Dorian> The door disappears in buckshot
[21:53] <Codex> "I fear that was a little over the top." I say, uncovering my ears.
[21:54] <Kite> Carolina looks at the shattered door before shrugging. "It was effective though. Now let's see what's inside." She says before entering.
[21:54] <GC> "It was however, very theraputic". I say, calming down slightly.
[21:55] <@Dorian> As you step through, Carolina is hit with a spear. It does jack shit.
[21:56] <@Dorian> The cupboard on the other side of the door is now very full of buckshot. Those poor twinkies
[21:56] <Codex> "Did that just bounce off of your che-- Twinkies!"
[21:57] <Kite> "Well that wasn't very nice." she says looking at the spear.
[21:58] <Codex> I point the torch into the cupboard. "Can you see any more traps?"
[21:58] <Codex> I mumble, "Because I've never tried twinkies."
[21:59] <GC> I peer round the side of the door, scanning for any further threats.
[22:00] <GC> "I don't see any more traps. You ok?"
[22:01] <Codex> I reach forwards for the twinkies.
[22:01] <Codex> I open the box and grab one, popping it into my hood.
[22:01] <Kite> "I'm fine." She says before looking to see if ther eis anything of notice, and if there is an extra not shot twinkie.
[22:02] <Codex> "Oothur door?" I say through a mouth full of twinkie.
[22:03] <GC> I grab a twinkie and begin eating it as I walk towards the other eastern door, attempting to blow a hole in that lock as I go.
[22:04] <Kite> "Sure." She says before leaving the room to go to the other door.
[22:04] <@Dorian> Your twinkie disappears in your hand. As does the rest of the box.
[22:05] <Codex> I move towards the other door. "N-No way--"
[22:05] <Kite> "Aw..."
[22:05] <Codex> "Fucking Watch!"
[22:06] <@Dorian> The door reveals darkness. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
[22:07] <Codex> I point the torch into the doorway.
[22:08] <Codex> "We're uh, not going that way."
[22:08] <Codex> "It's nothing. Litterally. God damned wizards."
[22:08] <GC> "Agreed" I back away from the door.
[22:09] <Kite> "So then... that leaves one direction left."
[22:09] <Codex> "West it is."
[22:10] <@Dorian> Two doors door your way to the west.
[22:10] <Codex> "Left one first then."
[22:10] <Codex> "Leon."
[22:10] <GC> "In order to speed up proceedings..."I holster the shotgun, draw a pistol in each hand and fire a shot towards ech doors lock".
[22:11] <@Dorian> The locks stop locking.
[22:11] <Kite> Carolina waits patiently beside Liza while he does his word.
[22:12] <GC> "God damn locks" I grin as I holster a pistol and stand to one side of the right western door and slowly push it open.
[22:12] <@Dorian> Several acid arrows hit the door as you open it. Wizards, man.
[22:13] <Codex> "I take it we should be being a lot more careful from now on... Is there anything else in there?"
[22:13] <GC> "...Wow, that was close" I look into the room and scan it.
[22:13] <Kite> "I've come to the conclusion that dungeon is just how wizards pronounce, death trap." Carolina says with a frown.
[22:14] <GC> "You seem to be implying thatany of them are actually sane".
[22:14] <Codex> "H-hey, come on now."
[22:14] <GC> "Present company excluded of course".
[22:15] <Codex> I shuffle, staff tucked between my back and backpack. "Thank you."
[22:15] <@Dorian> The room is bare, with doors on every wall except the west, which bares a dias and a tapestry of legendary monsters.
[22:16] <Kite> "Should we get the tapestry?"
[22:16] <GC> "I'd rather not touch it, being made by wizards and all you never know what they might have done to it".
[22:17] <Codex> "There's always a door behind a tapestry though."
[22:17] <Codex> "Always."
[22:18] <Kite> "Then we should go." She says with a smile before moving towards it.
[22:18] <Codex> I follow a few steps behind.
[22:18] <GC> I stay back, just in case. Covering the other doors.
[22:20] <Kite> Once close to the tapestry, she gentle rips it from the wall.
[22:20] <@Dorian> The tapestry reveals a door. It's very doory.
[22:21] <Codex> There's a smug look, hidden beneigth a deep hood. "I knew it."
[22:21] <Codex> "Oh,"
[22:21] <GC> "I stand corrected, the tapestry was slightly less deadly than the doors".
[22:21] <Codex> "The watch is telling me to do lots of damage to a wall."
[22:22] <Kite> "So many doors..." She says as she folds the tapestry up to place in her backpack.
[22:22] <Codex> "The other wizard can pick it up apparently."
[22:23] <GC> After hearing this I aim all four pistols to the floor and open fire.
[22:23] <Codex> "I hope this doesn't attract any unwanted attention." I mumble.
[22:24] <GC> "Not many creatures actively go towards heavy gunfire!" I shout over the racket.
[22:24] <Kite> "I'll have to nitpick a bit though. They said damage the walls... not the floors."
[22:25] <GC> I stop "I know, that was just a warm up".
[22:25] <Codex> "Obviously.
[22:25] <GC> I aim at the furthest stone wall and open fire once again.
[22:27] <Kite> Carolina looks at the door while Leon continues to shoot around. "Should we open it?"
[22:28] <Codex> "Feel free, though I'm going to move out of the way of it."
[22:28] <Codex> I do as I said.
[22:29] <Kite> "Alright." Caolina says with a grin before she attempts to punch the door down.
[22:30] <@Dorian> The door breaks rather spectacularly
[22:31] <@Dorian> It reveals a twelve foot corridoor with nothing at the end
[22:31] <GC> I stop firing, turning my full attention towards the door.
[22:31] <GC> "What an utterly pointless corridoor".
[22:32] <Kite> "Piece of cake... does anyone still say that?" Carolina says as she frowns. "Really... maybe there's something invisible?" she says sounding disappointed.
[22:33] <GC> "Nice work by the way" I nod at the door puncher.
[22:33] <Codex> "Oh, the watch wants us to get in the middle of the room."
[22:33] <Codex> "And look out for rubble from the south east."
[22:34] <Kite> "Thanks." She says before following Liza's remark.
[22:35] <Codex> I move the middle of the room.
[22:35] <GC> I follow, "Hey, I've been thinking, what kind of person seperates the group who are helping them, it's almost as if they don't want us to succeed".
[22:36] <Codex> "They have to make something viewable though I suppose... It might also be the only way in."
[22:37] <Codex> "Some entrances are created to split people up like this. These dungeons aren't made to be easy, I suppose."
[22:39] <@Dorian> A hole appears in the wall.
[22:39] <@Dorian> BACK TO LE RPG MAIN


[21:25] <@Dorian> You wake up in a strange room, your surroundings dark and unfamilliar
[21:26] <Spiritcurse> "Yes, I know this place is dark and scary. There's still dick-all I can do about it. Anybody got a light?"
[21:27] <Tavolk> The watch on Kyle's wrist glows slightly. Not in a helpful manner but at least you can tell what time it is.
[21:28] <Eve> I fumble in my backpack for my lighter.
[21:28] <Spiritcurse> "Oh yeah. I can ask the spirits for help. I wish my finger gave off light like a flashlight."
[21:28] <Tavolk> "Damnit" You hear a slight sigh and your finger glows bright.
[21:28] <Tavolk> but pink. Very pink.
[21:29] <Spiritcurse> "Than- why. Why would you do that. This is why I'm trying to learn exorcism."
[21:29] <Tavolk> "HEY! I'll give you papercuts the next time you try to open that book!"
[21:30] <Tavolk> The light turns from pink to white
[21:30] <Eve> I sigh. "I'm stuck in a dungeon with the odd couple, now?"
[21:30] <@Dorian> As the room lights up, you see a door on the west and the east. The south and eastern walls are covered in cracks, and someone has scrawled "Don't Sleep" on the northern wall. There is also a compass rose painted on the floor.
[21:30] <Spiritcurse> "Well, hello there. Looks like we've got a chance to get to know each other better."
[21:32] <Tavolk> "The sign says no sleeping so take your eyes off her!"
[21:32] <Spiritcurse> "Trust me, we wouldn't fall asleep." I wink again. "But still, let's get moving. Which way?"
[21:32] <Eve> "Uh?" I look from Kyle to the watch with an expression of confusion.
[21:35] <Spiritcurse> "Genie-dude, whose name escapes me. Can you develop some sort of mapping powers?"
[21:36] <Tavolk> "I... don't know. Maybe?"
[21:36] <Spiritcurse> "Give it a shot. And Eva, what magic do you know? I'm assuming you're a mage."
[21:38] <Eve> "I could find us some food, or make us some ale... And I know earth magics. What do you think is more useful?"
[21:38] <Tavolk> A blue spark jumps from the watch, which stops ticking, and a map expands into kyles hands.
[21:39] <Spiritcurse> "Personally, I'd go for an ale right now. But failing that, you could get us through walls and stuff, right?"
[21:39] <Tavolk> A big grin appears on the map."I got this." and you see lines appear on the map, drawing out a representation of the room we're in.
[21:40] <Spiritcurse> "I suppose you're one of the more helpful spirits."
[21:40] <Tavolk> "Yeah, imagine if I was cursed."
[21:40] <Eve> "Walking through walls, no. Removing walls, yes."
[21:41] <Spiritcurse> "Let's go east. Keep a spell ready to hurt?" I head through the east door.
[21:42] <@Dorian> The door is locked.
[21:44] <Spiritcurse> "There's a hidden door in both the north and south walls. Let's try the north." I act on my words.
[21:45] <Eve> I head towards the North door and look for a way to open it
[21:47] <@Dorian> The door opens onto a small room. Nothing seems too unusual, except for the fact that it is a closet full of gimp gear.
[21:47] <Spiritcurse> "Well. Let's bookmark this place for later... exploration."
[21:47] <Eve> I blink at the gimp gear. "What's all this?"
[21:47] <Spiritcurse> "I'll teach you later."
[21:48] <Tavolk> "Down boy."
[21:49] <Spiritcurse> "Couldn't resist." I leave the room, chuckling slightly, and check the south hidden door.
[21:49] <@Dorian> This door opens onto another closet of gimp gear. Someone has been enjoying themself.
[21:50] <Eve> I give the closet another puzzled look and turn away. "Let's have a closer look around, then."
[21:51] <Spiritcurse> I pocket a pair of handcuffs before heading for the east door. Soon, I figure, I'll find something more immediately useful.
[21:51] <Eve> I wave a hand at the eastern and northern walls and try to see through the stone
[21:52] <@Dorian> The eastern door is also locked, though it lacks a keyhole.
[21:56] <Spiritcurse> "Could you earth mage this door out of the way?"
[21:58] <Eve> "I suppose I'll have to, but there are so many tunnels and caves past here. It's huge."
[21:59] <Spiritcurse> "That's what she said. I'll try to pick the lock on the other side."
[22:00] <Eve> I ignore his first comment through lack of understanding. "But there's no keyhole on this door."
[22:00] <Spiritcurse> "The other door."
[22:01] <@Dorian> The door opens at your skilled hand. Or bloody lucky hand.
[22:02] <Spiritcurse> "That went well. Tally ho!"
[22:03] <@Dorian> You enter the room. It's empty and boring as shit.
[22:03] <Spiritcurse> "This room sucks. I was hoping for something awesome. Like treasure. Or a twinkie."
[22:03] <@Dorian> Doors on west, south and east doors, with a sarcophagus-thing mounted on the northern wall.
[22:04] <Eve> "I was rather hoping for a way out, but not something as creepy as this," I gesture to the sarcophagus-thing
[22:05] <@Dorian> A box of twinkies appears in the middle of the room. About half of them are gone.
[22:06] <Eve> I look at the twinkies, thoroughly perplexed. "That wasn't me."
[22:06] <Tavolk> "Sorry that took so long"
[22:06] <Spiritcurse> Within a few seconds of proximity to me, the remainer have vanished into various pockets.
[22:07] <Tavolk> The map/spirit/wishgrantingthingy coughs in the "what about mine" manner
[22:07] <Spiritcurse> "Aww man, I wish I had a cough drop. Now, let's try to get this sarcophagus open."
[22:09] <Tavolk> "fUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKK" the genie appears to concentrate
[22:09] <Eve> I cup my hands and a cough drop appears in them
[22:09] <Tavolk> "Oh... there we go"
[22:09] <Eve> I hand the cough drop to Kyle. "Here you go"
[22:10] <Spiritcurse> "Here you go genie, have something for that cough of yours."
[22:10] <Eve> I step up to inspect the sarcophagus to see if it's made of stone so I don't have to lug it open by hand
[22:10] <Tavolk> "I hate you sometimes"
[22:11] <Spiritcurse> "I didn't ask to be plauged by spirits, did I? It's a curse. A curse of spirits."
[22:11] <@Dorian> It's made of purest marble. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It menaces with spikes of marble. On it are engraved several elephants. On it are engraved several images of cheese. The elephants are screaming. The cheese is laughing.
[22:12] <Eve> I continue to look at it. "Huh."
[22:12] <Eve> "Are you sure you want to open this? It looks a bit... Strange."
[22:12] <Spiritcurse> I attempt to recall any trivia about it, using my knowledge of... history? Archeology? Sarcophaggery?
[22:14] <@Dorian> It's name is Kogan├║sana Shiva Kogam, or "The Murder Boat of Shiva the Desceased" It is a legendary artefact, crafted by Dwarves from before the dawn of time.
[22:15] <Spiritcurse> "We should probably check if there are any treasures in it. You can magic marble, right?"
[22:16] <Tavolk> "lets go stoner"
[22:17] <Eve> I wave my hand in front of the Murder Boat to see if there are any treasures inside
[22:19] <@Dorian> The Murder Boat opens onto a room with two sarcophagi on the south wall. They are both exact replicas of the Murder Boat, one of which you have come out of. The north wall bears a door, as does the west. A narrow pit covered by iron bars lies in the north-west corner of the room. Someone has scrawled "seven, one, five, six" on the south wall.
[22:21] <Tavolk> "STONER, listen to the rock"
[22:23] <Eve> I sit in the middle of the floor and press my palms to the ground to try and see or hear whatever the strange watch-voice is telling me to.
[22:24] <Eve> I move my hands from left to right around me to feel in which direction it is strongest
[22:28] <Eve> I point towards the north-west "There's something happening a few hundred meters that way," I look at the watch uncertainly. "Is it the others we came in here with?"
[22:29] <Tavolk> "Yes, flatten every wall between us and them rocky"
[22:29] <Spiritcurse> "I should expect so. Let's go."
[22:31] <Eve> I step up to the wall and press my hands to it, pulling outwards to open an archway in the walls from our room to theirs.
[22:31] <@Dorian> An archway opens into a corridoor, running parallel to the way you want to go
[22:32] <Spiritcurse> "That's convenient. I'll take the lead."
[22:33] <Eve> I follow him down the corridor
[22:34] <@Dorian> The coridoor keeps expanding in the direction you're walking, which you keep aligned with your earth vision
[22:39] <@Dorian> The coridoor opens onto a room
[22:39] <@Dorian> BACK TO LE RPG MAIN


[22:39] <@Dorian> BACK TO LE RPG MAIN
[22:40] <Spiritcurse> "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" I bellow, emerging from a brand new hole in the wall.
[22:40] <Codex> "Tha-That's the wrong side!" I blurt, spinning around.
[22:40] <Spiritcurse> "I've heard that before."
[22:40] <Tavolk> "Look the voices in my head get their directions wrong sometimes"
[22:41] <GC> "TALLLY HO GOOD SIR!!!" I bellow, holstering my guns, relieved to be presented with something less challenging than a door.
[22:41] <Codex> I turn off my torch and put it into a pocket, replacing it with a lozenge. "Lewd." I through the cough sweet into the hood.
[22:42] <Spiritcurse> "We found a sarcophagus. My recent studies in sarcophaggotry told me it's of some fairly important dwarf. Wanna come loot it?"
[22:43] <GC> "Sure, why not" I say as I approach the hole in the wall.
[22:43] <Codex> "It'd be wrong of us not to, I think."
[22:45] <Kite> "Poor drawf." Carolina says, though it is obvious she is down for the lootting.
[22:45] <Spiritcurse> "We're having this sarcophagus. Come on, it's awesome. It's called the Murder Boat of Shiva the Deceased."
[22:46] <Tavolk> "I wonder if she ever shived anyone"
[22:46] <Eve> "Wasn't it just a doorway into another room? How can we just take it?"
[22:46] <Spiritcurse> "We can, and will, steal this door."
[22:47] <Kite> "Well then, where is this door?"
[22:48] <Spiritcurse> "Down this corridor. It's not too far."
[22:49] <@Dorian> All of a sudden, all your lights go out, plunging you into darkness]
[22:49] <Codex> I whip out the torch and attempt to turn it on.
[22:49] <@Dorian> No such luck - the bulb's gone
[22:50] <Kite> "Well um... this kinda sucks." Carolina says. "I wanted to go get that door..."
[22:50] <Spiritcurse> "I wish I could see shite, captain. Summon some light?"
[22:50] <Eve> I pull out my lighter and attempt to flick it open
[22:50] <Tavolk> "fuck"
[22:51] <Codex> I attempt to cast a spell of Sense Foes.
[22:51] <Codex> "Oh."
[22:51] <Codex> "We should run."
[22:51] <@Dorian> The lighter either has no fluid or is broken in some way
[22:51] <Codex> "I wish I knew where."
[22:52] <Spiritcurse> "I call upon the spirits of fortune! Let my foes pratfall and make embarassing mistakes without number!" I shout, then, in my normal voice, add "We should run. The spirits are not calm."
[22:52] <GC> "Hmm...well...This is just dandy" I look around trying to see anything at all. "Are we blind or have we just broken light?"
[22:53] <Codex> "You can talk to spirits?" I attempt to follow as best as I can, darkness allowing.
[22:53] <Spiritcurse> "I can yell at spirits. Sometimes they listen. Sometimes they don't. I think they just want to torment me."
[22:54] <Spiritcurse> I turn northeast. "Guys, this way!"
[22:54] <Codex> "I follow as close as I can behind."
[22:54] <Kite> "Have you tried giving them shiny things?" Carolina says trying to figure out which way is 'this way'.
[22:56] <Eve> I follow behind them trying my hardest not to stumble in the dark
[22:56] <GC> I run to catch up to them, keeping pace.
[22:56] <Kite> "This sucks." She says as sh attempts to follow.
[22:57] <@Dorian> There is a wall i your way. If only a wizard could convert walls into coridoorsHEY GET OUT OF THIS NARATOR BOX YOU F-
[22:57] <@Dorian> Ahem. As I was saying. There is a wall in your way.
[22:57] <Tavolk> "BE GONE"
[22:58] <@Dorian> The wall does not
[22:58] <Eve> I run forwards and press my hands against the wall and pull it apart into an archway
[22:59] <Tavolk> "Stupid walls. GO ROCKY!"
[22:59] <@Dorian> There is now a coridoor where you can walk down it. It's got light in it, but the shadows are moving into it.
[23:00] <Kite> "We should take this time to start running." Carolina says as she begins to do so.
[23:00] <Eve> Eva wastes no time and runs to keep up
[23:00] <GC> I run down the corridoor after her.
[23:00] <Codex> I keep up with the party, turning around occasionally to check if I can see anything.
[23:01] <Spiritcurse> "Do we even know what we're running from?"
[23:01] <Codex> "Whatever it is, it's casting Darkness spells."
[23:01] <Codex> "And it's making my 'Foe-dar' go off like crazy."
[23:02] <Kite> "I don't like darkness." Carolina says with a frown.
[23:03] <Tavolk> "Hmmm..." you feel the trademark feeling of a wish being granted then the watch in your hand suddenly feels significantly heavier and you can head a slight snoring coming from it.
[23:03] <Codex> "It's a seven foot tall demon zombie child."
[23:04] <Codex> "We should fight it, I have an idea." I run a few yards ahead of the party, pull out my staff and stop.
[23:06] <GC> I drop to the back of the group, spin around as I draw all of my pistols and open fire screaming at the encroaching darkness.
[23:07] <@Dorian> The bullets slam home into the seven foot tall demon zombie child, which roars and grows to be an eight foot tall demon zombie child covered in spiky plates. It's also moving faster, and dragging the darkness with it.
[23:07] <Codex> "Create a fearsome THING for me, quickly Eva!"
[23:07] <Codex> "Out of rock, do it!"
[23:08] <Kite> "Do not want, do not want, do not want, do not want." Carolina says at it gets closer.
[23:08] <GC> My eyes widen, "Ah HELL NO!!!" I spin back around and shout "RUUUN!!!!!!" I quickly sprint to the middle of the group.
[23:08] <@Dorian> It's still about five yards away, about enough time to run properly away if you turned now
[23:09] <Spiritcurse> I stand still and yell "SPIRITS! CURSE HIM WITH THE MISFORTUNE OF THOUSANDS!".
[23:09] <Codex> "Hahaha, no, keep running."
[23:09] <Tavolk> "You head a particularly loud snore"
[23:09] <Codex> I turn and run at full speed, which is unnaturally fast.
[23:10] <Eve> I turn and pull earth up from the floor to make a thick wall, then turn to run
[23:10] <Kite> Carolina looks back, almost wanting to attack the monster though she keeps going witht he group.
[23:11] <GC> "EAT SHIT ZOMBY" I shout as my arms lower behind me and form something similar to a jet engine, I zip forwards at increased speed.
[23:12] <@Dorian> The demon child slams into the wall and trips over, slamming face first into the ground and smashing some of it's spikes.
[23:13] <@Dorian> As you keep running, you come to an eastern-boundcorridoor that opens into some sunlight...
[23:13] <@Dorian> TO BE CONTINUED...
[23:13] <Codex> "God damn it."

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I still can look back upon this rp with fond happiness Smile

Sadly no one even gets on here anymore but rereading the logs is always fun.
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