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Post by Tzeentch on Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:41 am

Munchkin is a tasteless parody game which brings you the essence of dungeon crawling experience without all the messy role playing.

i plan to do this over a combination of Private messages and on the forum itself (if i do it this way i can do it with many people without them all needing to be on at once)

anyway on with the rules:
Instructions on the cards always override the general rules. Be sure to read each card and apply any rule modifications where applicable.
The owner of the game has final say in all disputes.
The minimum character level is 1. At level 1, all "Go down a Level!" cards and effects are discarded and ignored.
The maximum character level is 10. At level 10, all "Go up a Level!" cards and effects are discarded and ignored, except if you are a Cleric and get Divine Intervention then you win the game.
If you have no cards in your hand, you cannot discard you whole hand.
You may play Curse Cards at any time on any player.
You may show your hand to other players.

Every character is a Level 1 Human with no Class (heh heh) and is dealt 2 cards from the Dungeon Draw pile and the Treasure Draw pile.
The character's sex is the same as the player's.
Turn progression is alphabetical order.

Cards in your hand are not in play and do not count until played.
Equipment played to the table becomes a Carried Item.
You may play an item at any time during your turn.
Carried Items cannot be returned to your hand. You can only get rid of Carried Items by discarding or trading.
You can discard an item at any time.
You can have any number of items or equipment on the table as Carried Items, but you can only have one Big Item as a Carried Item at any one time.
You may only Equip one body specific Carried Item at a time (ex: 2 one handed items OR 1 Two-handed item). Some items have restrictions and cannot be equipped by certain races/classes. Equipped Items are still Carried Items.
Only Equipped Items can give you a bonus in Combat. Indicate non-equipped Carried Items by turning the card sideways.
During your turn you may sell Carried Items or items from your hand for their value. For every thousand gold you gain 1 level. Left over gold is lost. Sold items are discarded.
Equipment may be played during your turn, but not in during Combat.
You may Trade Carried Items at any time, except Combat. Any traded items must go directly to the table and become Carried Items.
You may try to bribe any player at any time to do what you want by giving them an item. That item must be played to the table and become a Carried Item.
If a Curse can apply to more than one Carried Item, the victim chooses which item.
You many only trade Items and Equipment. You cannot trade other cards. You cannot trade cards from your hand.
You may try to gain favors by giving Equiped or Carried Items to other players. Also known as a "Bribe".

Pre-Door Preparation Phase - Equip, Sell, or Trade Items
Open A Door - Draw a card face up from the Dungeon Draw pile
If you draw a:
Monster Card - You must Fight (Combat) then go to step 5, Post-Door Phase
Curse Card - It targets you, if possible.
Anything else - play it immediately OR place it in your hand. Go to step 3.
then, you may either "Look for Trouble" OR "Loot the Room"
Look for Trouble? - You may play a monster card from your hand and fight it or...
Loot the Room - If you did not fight a monster, then draw a card face down from the Dungeon Draw pile and put it in your hand.
Post-Door Phase - Equip, Sell, or Trade Items
Charity - Discard down to max hand size, 5, and give the excess cards to the lowest level player. In case of a tie, divide the cards as evenly as possible - you decide who gets the larger share. If you are the lowest, discard the excess cards.
Begin Next Players Turn.


Combat begins once the monster is revealed.
You cannot Equip, Sell, Trade, or Steal during combat.
Any player may use any "useable only once" item from their hand AND/OR a Carried Item to add a bonus to any player or monster.
You can handle Combat in these ways:
Fight Alone
If your Level plus any bonuses (from Equipment or Items) is greater than the Level(s) of the monster(s) plus any monster bonuses from abilities or Items, then you are able to defeat the monster.
After which you go up the level(s) and draw the treasure(s) face down according to the Monster(s).
If you cannot, then you must Ask for Help or Try to Run Away.

Asking for Help
You may Ask For Help from any player during combat, You may bribe them with any Carried Items and or any treasure cards gained by defeating the monster (decide how to do so upon agreement to help).
If they agree, then they become your Helper and enter Combat. You add their Level and bonuses to yours. If both your levels and bonuses are greater than the monster(s) level(s) and bonuses the monster(s) is/are defeated. Then YOU go up a level and draw the treasure(s) and distribute according to the agreement.
The Helper does not gain a level if the monster is defeated. (unless you are an elf)
If both of you cannot defeat the monster, both of you must Try to Run Away from each monster separately

Running away
You receive no treasures and no levels.
Roll a d6. On a 5 or better you are successful and you discard the monster. Repeat for each remaining monster. Otherwise, it catches you and does the Bad Stuff indicated on the monster card.


If you Die, you lose all your Treasure in play and in your hand.
You KEEP your Class(es), Race(es), Sex and Level.
Lay your hand face up on the table next to your Carried Items.
The remaining players Loot the Body

Looting the Body
Starting with the player with the highest level, each player chooses one of your cards UNTIL your corpse runs out of cards OR every living player has taken one card. The rest are discarded. In case of a tie, highest roll on a d6 chooses first.
Your new character appears instantly. It is the next player's turn. You may play as normal.
At the beginning of your next turn, you will draw 2 cards from the Dungeon Draw pile and the Treasure Draw pile.

Winning the Game

Any player to reach level 11 by killing a monster or by using Divine Intervention as a Cleric wins the game. Any player at level 10 that kills a monster or gets Divine Intervention as a Cleric wins the game.
There can be multiple winners.
(as a bonus mode what you can do past level 10 is divide your combat level (armor + level) by the first digit of your level).

There is a copy thread in the Card Games forum, post in there if interested
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