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Warhammer 40k DOW V4

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Warhammer 40k DOW V4 Empty Warhammer 40k DOW V4

Post by GrandTheft on Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:39 pm

ok i had this idea ages ago and i changed it quite a bit since then anyway

this game should include up to 4 or 6 players 6 being the max

Everyone chooses a planet starting from the furtest away


The rules:
There can be teams for 2 or just people on there own
Teams of two are aloud up to 8000 points
Someone on there own is aloud 8500
This campagin should last a good few weekends
Now you dont have to choose a planet you can be a all out assult team
But if you lose your planet you are out of the game

The Attackers can retreat and heal there wounded when they invade a planet but they will need to roll 5 dice and have 3 dice on a 3 or more to escape
if less there ships get destroyed in the system
If the Attackers Win they replenish there ranks right away and can move onto another planet

If the defenders with they replenish there forces right away
The Defenders can choose however to surrender to the attackers making themselves the attacks slaves so when the attackers go for another planet the defenders get to use 2 troop choices and 1 tank choice. The Surrenderd defenders however have to attack first (most likely being wiped out) but weaken the defending force for the attacks to invade

If someone controls 3 or more planets they automatically win because the production on these planets would be massive

If You manage to fend off attackers 3 times then the attackers are automatically killed due to the fact your awesome techs know how the foe work

If everyone is a defender then everyone suffers the wraith of the blood god and can only use 1000 points and cannot replenish forces

If everyone is a attack then they suffer the same

Now For the attackers they have to roll a set of dice to show what planet they invade.

If You want to invade Fearos you have to roll 5 dice and more than 15

If you want to invade Sera the third planet you have to roll more than 9 with 3 dice

So you have to roll the distance of the planet and get over half of all the six's on the dice added together
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