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Ice Station.

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Ice Station. Empty Ice Station.

Post by Tzeentch on Sat May 29, 2010 8:52 pm

The Pilgrimage vessel jumped you about 5 minutes away from station. Leaving you to cover the short distance in the small rather worn out shuttle you boarded on. The well use shuttle a tarnished white exterior with the interior passenger compartment not faring much better, a rusting and battered yet functional and spartan area, lockers on each side with a row of seats in the middle equipped with cheap harness' for atmospheric travel, On the seats are a bunch of dataslates.

The interior is bathed in a red light from a swaying lamp above the sealed rear access ramp. A mechanical voice crackles over the intercom next to the pilots door "Station arrival, 5 minuets. Praises to the machine spirit" it ends with a audible click.

The data slate reads
++The inquisitions work is never done++
Inquisitor A. Johnson.
Listen up, those of you who wanted to get into action so eagerly todays your lucky chance, Recently a part mining station part deep space scanner quit reporting in, its been fairly low on the importance list and has now been passed to yours truly. its your job to find out why this station is not reporting and fix that issue, you have the full authority of the inquisition, and i expect you do do a good job of it. fail me and it'll be the last thing you do.
=][= AJ =][=
++The day is not done until the heretic no longer draws breath++
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Ice Station. Empty Re: Ice Station.

Post by Spiritcurse on Sun May 30, 2010 8:33 pm

Checking up on the equipment we have on board, I also ask the men what they do, and what they're armed with. I ensure that all weapons are fully loaded, and ready for action. "Men, this should be a fun one".

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