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Spontaneous Dark Heresy

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Spontaneous Dark Heresy Empty Spontaneous Dark Heresy

Post by Spiritcurse on Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:21 am

[00:16] <@Spiritcurse> Above the planet Curasis, a decadant hive world known for illegal exports, you receive a vox-message from your Inquisitor - Inquistor Quarus. It is short, but he is asking you to come to the briefing room, and to be ready for planetfall in a hour.
[00:17] <+Dark> "Allways just when i get me Tana ready..."
[00:19] <+Karkhan> "I'm sure he just wants to give you a pat on the head and tell you your doing a nice job"
[00:19] <+Dark> I raise an eyebrow at you "yer. And I'm sure the emporer himself is here to give me a medal and all"
[00:21] <+Karkhan> "yeah, but just incase thats not what he wants, we should hurry up"
[00:22] <+Dark> I simply grunt before downing the remains of my Tana in a single gulp, fliching at te hot taste before slinging my las-gun around my shoulders and standing
[00:22] <@Spiritcurse> Looking around your rooms, you find your belongings neatly folded on the bed, a strange amulet on top of Conjack's stuff. It is silver, with delicate snake patterns around the clasp.
[00:23] <+Dark> I pull through my pockets untill a get a large cigar and place it unlit in my mouth and examining the amulet
[00:24] <@Spiritcurse> It doesn't respond to your prodding, although it seems to have a very small lock on part of it.
[00:24] <+Karkhan> I grab my kit and stuff it into a bag, pull my gun out of my locker and move towards the door
[00:24] <+Karkhan> "still playing with toys conjack?"
[00:25] <@Spiritcurse> The door slides open as you approach, the automatic systems amazingly not failing this time.
[00:25] <+Dark> grunting I shove it into my pocket and slip on my kit-bag as I look at you, not saying a word
[00:26] <+Karkhan> "ah lighten up, if this is how you are normally, I'd hate to see you fighting some big hairy warp beastie"
[00:27] <+Dark> I grin around my cigar as i walk "Fought em, blew their fraggin' heads half way across the ship"
[00:29] <+Karkhan> "well on that pleasent note, lets see what wonderfully suicidel mission our leader is giving us today" I walk out of the door into the hall
[00:29] <+Dark> "carnt wait"
[00:29] <@Spiritcurse> The way to the briefing room is fresh in your mind after months of forced training on board this ship, and after a few turns and a quick jog up a flight of stairs, you find yourself face to face with Quarus himself. He is a striking figure, clad in a deep red robe. He stares at you, daring either of you to speak, before gesturing to some seats inside.
[00:30] <+Dark> I salute him, twirling the cigar from one side of my mouth to the other before taking my seat silently
[00:31] <+Karkhan> I sit, not bothering with the salute, dropping my bag on one side, resting the shotgun on my sholder
[00:31] <@Spiritcurse> "Gentlemen. I've called you here, not because I like you, but because I need a job doing. And the way I see it, if you die, I've only wasted a few months of my time training you." He stabs a long nail towards a map of the capital of Curasis - Curasia.
[00:32] <+Karkhan> I lead forward to get a better look at the map
[00:32] <+Dark> I keep my eye on the map, playing with the cigar with my tongue to avoid retorting back
[00:32] <@Spiritcurse> Curasia is between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. A large mountain borders the hive city to the east, a cliff to the west.
[00:33] <@Spiritcurse> It is situated on the second largest continent, seemingly the most industrial one.
[00:33] <@Spiritcurse> "Here, we have a problem. A group of heretics are attempting to... well, that's the thing. We don't know. I want you two to get down there, infiltrate their ranks, ingratiate yourselves with their leaders, and await further orders."
[00:33] <+Dark> "You want us to play ball with a bunch of heretics?"
[00:34] <@Spiritcurse> "Essentially, yes. And should we require it, kill them. Now, it could turn out they're harmless. Knowing the power of chaos, they won't be. However, giving you more weapons is impossible. Also, orbital support is out of the question - this city is too valuable to destroy for a single sect. Now, why are you still here?"
[00:34] <+Karkhan> "I remember this place, my home city is 300 klicks away, its a shithole"
[00:35] <+Dark> "Because I love you"
[00:35] <+Karkhan> "why don't we just glass the whole place?"
[00:35] <@Spiritcurse> "Very funny. And did I ask for your life story? Because it's worth too much, weren't you listening? Get out, my recaf is getting cold."
[00:36] <+Dark> "Fecking makes me leave my Tana then complains about his damned recaf..." i mutter to myself as i stand, repoistioning the Las-Gun on my back
[00:37] <@Spiritcurse> "I'm in charge, I can whine about what I like."
[00:37] <@Spiritcurse> "Your shuttle leaves in 40 minutes, I'd advise you to get inside. Because inside or out, you're leaving on it."
[00:38] <+Karkhan> I take my stuff and leave, not saying a word to Quarus
[00:38] <+Dark> "had a mate once who tied an ork to the outside of a shuttle...funny day"
[00:38] <+Dark> On that note I leave too
[00:38] <@Spiritcurse> "Get out! Emperor's sake..."
[00:39] <+Karkhan> "did I ever mention just how much i hate that guy?"
[00:39] <@Spiritcurse> The shuttle bay is only a few minutes away, so you have some time on board before you have to leave. There is a cafeteria and an armoury both within easy distance.
[00:39] <+Dark> "Aye. I just find him fun as hell to piss off"
[00:42] <+Karkhan> "well I dunno about you, but I need some kit" I head off towards the armory
[00:43] <+Dark> I follow silently
[00:43] <@Spiritcurse> The armoury is fairly well stocked, although very few powerful weapons are available. They do have a large quantity of ammunition, both las and conventional.
[00:45] <+Dark> "Ah. Things I can use to kill other things. I love it"
[00:46] <+Dark> I begin scrolling through the diffrent las-gun clips
[00:46] <+Karkhan> I grab a passing sevitor"you, I need a pair of flak gaunlets, and a change of street clothes now"
[00:47] <@Spiritcurse> A woman steps out from behind a stack of lasguns, cradling a plasma rifle. She has an obvious cybernetic jaw, as you can tell when she speaks. "Aszzzzz do I," she purrs, robotically.
[00:47] <@Spiritcurse> He bows. "It will be done."
[00:47] <+Dark> "Nice peace of hardwear" I grin at her as I test slipping on of the clips into my gun
[00:48] <+Karkhan> my fingers tighten on my shotgun "and you are?"
[00:48] <@Spiritcurse> "Yeszzzz, it iszzzz. It'szzzz killed more men than I've eaten hot dinnerzzzzz. I am angela, quartermaszzzzter.""
[00:49] <+Dark> "A pleasure"
[00:49] <@Spiritcurse> She nods, not taking her eyes off the rifle.
[00:50] <+Karkhan> "and why have you graced us with your presesnce today?"
[00:50] <@Spiritcurse> "To szzzell you any equipment you might require."
[00:51] <+Karkhan> "alright, how much do I owe?"
[00:51] <+Dark> I raise an eyebrow and grin, pulling out my cigar and holding it over her plasma rifle untill the heat catches it and lights it. "My kind of women"
[00:51] <@Spiritcurse> "For the flak gauntletszzzzz that man will szzzteal for you, fifty."
[00:51] <@Spiritcurse> She smiles, causing a faint squeaking noise.
[00:52] <+Karkhan> I loosen the grip on my gun, give a slight smile aswell "alright, and the clothes?"
[00:53] <@Spiritcurse> "Take them. They are nothing."
[00:54] <+Karkhan> "ah cheers" I had the money over
[00:54] <@Spiritcurse> She takes it, nodding and putting it in her pocket.
[00:55] <@Spiritcurse> The servitor returns, carrying a simple set of clothes and a pair of gauntlets.
[00:55] <+Dark> "I'll take three clips for my trusty weapon and a food ration packet please and thank you my dear"
[00:55] <@Spiritcurse> She smiles again, the creaking noise louder, takes your money and pockets that too.
[00:56] <+Karkhan> I take the kit and pack away the clothes and strap on the gaunlets
[00:56] <+Dark> I bow before placing them into my bag
[00:57] <@Spiritcurse> As you strap the gauntlets on, you catch a glance of your chrono. If you want seats on the ship down, you'd best move now.
[00:58] <+Karkhan> I point at the chrono "lets go"
[00:58] <+Dark> "Awww...just as I met someone I could talk to" I grin as I puff another drag of my cigar "But very well"
[00:59] <@Spiritcurse> "It'll szzztill be here when you get back. If, of courszzze."
[01:00] <+Dark> "Then I shall see you then. I may need some more ammo if I get my way down there" I bow again before turning to leave
[01:00] <+Karkhan> "Emperor's arse" I mutter "if your all done?"
[01:01] <+Dark> "Indeed. Lets go find us some heritic scum!"
[01:02] <@Spiritcurse> The hanger, a huge room with 8 bays for launching fighters and another one for larger craft, is usually a hive of activity. Now, however, only one ship is there, being prepped for take off. Testamant to what Quarus said, there is a small amount of rope next to each wing. The shuttle is mostly empty, with 4 free seats.
[01:03] <+Dark> "You taking inside or outside?"
[01:04] <+Karkhan> "I'm going inside, but I can give you a hand with the ropes if you choose outside"
[01:04] <+Dark> "Naw...seeing that Ork was enough...funny as it was"
[01:06] <+Karkhan> I step inside the shuttle and check to see if anyone else inside already
[01:06] <@Spiritcurse> The pilot helps you get into your seats, strapping you in next to the two other acolytes - a young blonde womand and a rather short ginger man. Each is carrying a small autorifle, and looking terrified.
[01:07] <+Dark> "G'day" i grin
[01:07] <@Spiritcurse> "H-h-h- hello," the man says, stuttering with fear.
[01:07] <+Karkhan> "where you two from then?"
[01:07] <@Spiritcurse> He shakes his head, composing himself. "Hello, Conjack."
[01:08] <+Dark> "Hey mate. Hows it hanging? ready for a little fun?"
[01:09] <@Spiritcurse> The woman turns to Hastus "I was born on this ship, he's from... somewhere else." Her voice is oddly lyrical, but there's something off-putting about it.
[01:09] <@Spiritcurse> "Umm, yes?"
[01:10] <+Dark> "Good man. And may I ask your names? Its somthing I like to know"
[01:10] <@Spiritcurse> "I'm Lukas, she's Eon."
[01:10] <+Karkhan> "ever been off the ship before Eon?"
[01:11] <@Spiritcurse> "No, this is my first time."
[01:11] <+Dark> "Good to meet ya" I draw a last drag from my cigar before dropping and stamping it
[01:11] <@Spiritcurse> "You too."
[01:11] <+Karkhan> "anyone for a lho-stick?" I say, sliding the packet out of my pocket
[01:12] <+Dark> "Oh yer. Over here"
[01:12] <@Spiritcurse> "No thanks," Eon replies as Lukas grabs for one, lighting it in a fluid motion and beginning to drag deeply.
[01:13] <@Spiritcurse> "We take off in a few minutes, so kiss your asses goodbye," comes a crackle from the intercom to the cokcpit.
[01:13] <+Dark> I take a drag before tutting in distaste and disgarding it "I think I prefer my cigars..."
[01:14] <+Karkhan> I light up my own, "well next time I'll keep 'em to myself"
[01:14] <@Spiritcurse> Lukas begins reciting prayers to the Emperor on Earth, Eon wincing periodically as he does. After a while he stops, apologizing to her.
[01:15] <+Karkhan> "you a pyker Eon?"
[01:15] <@Spiritcurse> "Yes, what gave it away?"
[01:16] <+Karkhan> I grin "the whole quiet twitching thing"
[01:17] <@Spiritcurse> "Oh, that. I can't help it," she says, smiling nervously.
[01:17] <+Dark> "Bad experaince with your...training?"
[01:17] <@Spiritcurse> "You could say that."
[01:18] <@Spiritcurse> The engines howl, and the ship lurches up from the deck. "Oh yeah, liftoff," is heard from the intercom.
[01:18] <+Karkhan> "ah don't worry, chances are any deamons we encounter are gonna be bursting out of someone else"
[01:18] <@Spiritcurse> Over the howl of the engines nothing can be heard, but the ride down to the planet is a rough one, with turblence and the pilot cursing being the only distractions. He sets you down on a helipad in the north quarter of the city, immediately lifting off again. The city is bustling even at this late hour, smoke and smog rising from the many chimneys dotting the skyline.
[01:19] <+Karkhan> "so where we headed now?"
[01:19] <+Dark> "Guess we look for someone who looks like a chaotic mad man and sweet talk them"
[01:19] <@Spiritcurse> "Up to you!" the pilot shouts from above, gleefully. Eon and Lukas look around, obviously terrified.
[01:20] <+Dark> I offer her a hand as gesture towards the door at the end of the roof "Perhaps we better get you inside"
[01:21] <+Karkhan> I sigh "these two are gonna get us killed" I mutter to Conjack
[01:21] <@Spiritcurse> She is visibly shaking, but Lukas manages to restrain himself long enough to test the door. "Locked. Any other way down?"
[01:22] <+Karkhan> "stand back" I point my shot point blank at the lock and fire
[01:23] <@Spiritcurse> The lock breaks under the shot, the door springing open with a loud clang.
[01:24] <+Karkhan> i pick up my bag"lets go"
[01:25] <@Spiritcurse> Once inside, you can hear arguing from one of the rooms on your right. It sounds to be three men shouting, although the words are indistinct from here.
[01:25] <+Dark> "That works" I shrug before gesturing for the other two to go first, turning to look at the landscape around me before following
[01:25] <+Dark> "We allways come at a bad time..."
[01:25] <+Karkhan> I walk toward the distubance "we are ussually the bad time"
[01:25] <@Spiritcurse> South of you, a spire of buildings rises, impossibly tall, from the skyline. In the dark, with the lights glittering, is looks quite beautiful.
[01:26] <+Karkhan> "throne, I hate nobles and their spires"
[01:26] <+Dark> "Nice city too" I mutter
[01:27] <@Spiritcurse> "... your turn? We've been at this for days! We're not going to manage it, okay?" can be heard from inside the room, now that you're closer. Afterwards, you hear a muttered response, what sounds like a single person walking, then a door closing.
[01:28] <+Dark> I simply raise an eyebrow at you
[01:28] <+Karkhan> I knock on the door "Arbites! open up"
[01:28] <@Spiritcurse> You hear two clicks, most likely pistols being cocked. "Come and get us, pigs!"
[01:29] <+Karkhan> "anyone got any explosives?"
[01:29] <+Dark> "Fun" I flick the safty of my las-gun "How long we been on world now? and allready someone wants us dead"
[01:30] <@Spiritcurse> You can hear footsteps in front of you, and it sounds like they are moving towards the door slowly.
[01:30] <+Karkhan> "one more chance, give up now and you get to live"
[01:30] <+Dark> I aim the Las-gun to be at exactly the right place to paste the back walls of the room a nice, brain colour
[01:30] <@Spiritcurse> "No chance, imperial pigs!"
[01:31] <+Karkhan> I bow to Conjack "after you"
[01:32] <+Dark> I grin before raising my leg and booting the door open
[01:37] <@Spiritcurse> One ganger drops to his knees and fires a shot at Conjack.
[01:37] <@Spiritcurse> The shot goes wide, taking a chip out of the ceiling.
[01:37] <@Spiritcurse> "What should I do?"
[01:38] <+Dark> "emperor's teeth!" I yell
[01:38] <+Karkhan> "well something killy might be nice"
[01:41] <@Spiritcurse> Eon looks panicked, her eyes darting from corner to corner. She shouts, turning invisible as everyone but her falls to the ground as if an earthquake had hit.
[01:41] <+Dark> "Not that kind of killy!"
[01:41] <@Spiritcurse> "I'm sorry! I was scared!"
[01:43] <+Karkhan> I step into the room and fire at the nearest man's leg
[01:46] <@Spiritcurse> The other man, still on the ground, steadies his gun at Hastuts and fires, missing by inches.
[01:46] <+Dark> I swing around and bring my las-gun to bear upon the nearest target
[01:49] <+Dark> I curse as the shot flies inches away from the man's face
[01:50] <@Spiritcurse> Lukas fires, somehow managing to hit the closest man. He howls as his flesh singes.
[01:51] <+Dark> "Nice!2
[01:51] <@Spiritcurse> The cultist stands, shooting at Lukas, only to miss as his arm twinges with shock.
[01:52] <@Spiritcurse> Only her footsteps can be heard as Eon hurries, invisible, to the stairwell, bashing it open with warp enchanced strength.
[01:53] <+Karkhan> I aim and fire again at the man
[01:57] <+Karkhan> my shot goes wide, I yell in frustration
[01:59] <@Spiritcurse> The standing cultist steps up to Hastus, firing a shot from his pistol into his chest. Blood spurts over the floor as the man laughs with glee.
[02:00] <+Dark> Cursing I aim my gun for a split second before pulling the trigger
[02:02] <@Spiritcurse> The cultist in engulfed in fire, popping his eyes like eggs as the energy crackles through his ruined body. His blackened corpse falls to the grounds, where the bullets from his gun explode under the heat.
[02:06] <@Spiritcurse> The explosion fires shrapnel deep into Conjack and Hastus, ripping and tearing the flesh.
[02:06] <@Spiritcurse> Lukas falls to the ground, his face a mess of bloody ribbons.
[02:08] <+Karkhan> I slam my empty shotgun into the guy
[02:11] <@Spiritcurse> His eyes glaze over as the butt of the rifle hits his head.
[02:12] <+Dark> I bring the but of my Las-gun down on the stunned man
[02:15] <@Spiritcurse> His nose explodes in a torrent of blood as his head is flung back. He collapses to the ground, still alive, but probably wishing he wasn;t,
[02:16] <+Dark> "NOW CALM THE FRAG DOWN!"
[02:16] <@Spiritcurse> He groans softly, seemingly unaware of anything. Eon wanders back into the room, a wide grin on her face.
[02:17] <+Dark> "You missed the party"
[02:17] <@Spiritcurse> "I watched the whole thing. Being a psyker has its advantages."
[02:17] <+Karkhan> I lean against the wall "still bleeding alittle guys, if you could give me a hand"
[02:18] <+Dark> I simply draw a cigar and put it unlit in my mouth before searching through the dead bodies, winching at my own wound as I bend down
[02:18] <@Spiritcurse> Eon walks up to you, placing her hand on your chest.
[02:19] <@Spiritcurse> The flesh begins to knit back together, relieving at least some of the pain.
[02:19] <+Karkhan> "thanks, now see to lukas"
[02:19] <@Spiritcurse> The bodies contain little: a blood drenched pack of Lho sticks, two blood drenched ammo packs for a stub pistol, a blood drenched ID card and some blood drenched money.
[02:20] <+Karkhan> I walk over and kick the living man onto his back
[02:20] <@Spiritcurse> Eon walks to Lukas, smiling faintly at the screams of the man when he's kicked.

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Spontaneous Dark Heresy Empty Re: Spontaneous Dark Heresy

Post by comingdarkness on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:39 pm

Typical guard tactic. Run in, shoot everybody, smash only survivor in the face with the butt of your gun and then tell everyone to calm down Smile
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