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Dark Heresy game

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Dark Heresy game Empty Dark Heresy game

Post by DorianCreed on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:17 am

[21:35] <@Karkhan> You stand in a dank and dimly lit basement, rats (or what you hope to be rats) scuttle through the pipes that run along the ceiling and something drips unpleasantly in the dark. In the gloom you can make out several beds with rusted lockers at the end of each one, apart from them the only piece of furniture in the room is a rickety table with an incongruously clean data slate upon it.
[21:37] <%kilakan> I walk up to the table and lean over to look at the data slate.
[21:39] * %kilakan inspects the room at the same time for recent use and activity
[21:41] <@Karkhan> as you pick up the slate the screen flickers on and a man in power armor stares back at you
[21:41] <%Dark> I raise an eyebrow at the image, giving a puff on my cigar but otherwise not moving
[21:42] <%Dorian> I walk over, keeping my eyes on the data slate.
[21:42] <@Karkhan> "you! bring your damnable faces into the light where I can see em"
[21:42] <%Dark> I dont move
[21:43] <%Dorian> "This is as bright as this room gets."
[21:43] <%kilakan> I stare at the data slate and shift my flak armor a bit.
[21:45] <@Karkhan> "fine fine, now my name is Inquisitor Jerol Kizane, I have brought you here to offer you a chance at glory for the emperor" he speacks slowly, as one would to a small child
[21:46] <%Dorian> "How so, my lord?"
[21:49] <%kilakan> "As long as the glory does not involve copious amounts of paperwork I am interested."
[21:49] <%kilakan> "My lord"
[21:49] <@Karkhan> "you are now acolytes in my service and therefore in the service of the Inquisiton, you will obay my orders, work fight and in the end die for the Imperium, and your names most likely will be forgotten, but the emperor will remember"
[21:50] <@Karkhan> "and just to clarify, when I said 'offer' I was being polite, you don't actually get a choice"
[21:50] <%Dark> "Never do" i grumble
[21:51] <%Dorian> "Of course, my lord."
[21:51] <%kilakan> "For glory and all that..." I sigh
[21:53] <@Karkhan> "now" he says clapping his hands together "my superiors, in their infinte wisdom have desided to waste my time chasing down every whiff of cultist in the whole bloody sector, one such whiff is emenating from somewhere inside this hive"
[21:54] <%Dorian> "And are we to exterminate it, my lord?"
[21:55] <@Karkhan> "chances are its nothing but a xeno artifact dealer, but we all have our orders. I have little enough information for you I'm afraid, just dig around and report back to me in...shall we say 48hrs"
[21:56] <%kilakan> "Hum, agressive persuasion on the general populace allowed my lord?
[21:56] <@Karkhan> with that the screen goes blank
[21:56] <%kilakan> "Darn"
[21:56] <%Dorian> "I'd assume no."
[21:57] <%Dark> "Hes an Inquisitor. Agressive persuasion is in his job discription"
[21:57] <%Dorian> "Yeah, but I would think that he doesn't want us to steal his job."
[21:58] <%Dark> "We get close to that, he shoots us. We aint no threat"
[21:58] <%kilakan> "Well then, there's always other ways to make someone talk, and I'm sure we can all be creative enough when it comes to cultists
[21:58] <%Dorian> "There is that."
[21:59] <%kilakan> I check the lockers for any thing useful.
[22:02] <@Karkhan> the lockers contain tattered and slightly burnt uniforms of inquisitorial troopers, a blunt boot knife and various spend power packs
[22:03] <%Dark> "That last batch that was granted the honour of working i assume?"
[22:08] <%kilakan> "Hum, just cause it fired, doesn't mean the gun held together though, and judging by the burnt uniforms. I'm guessing a lok backfired
[22:09] <%Dorian> "That or they had a rather stupid Ingis with them."
[22:10] <%kilakan> "Anyone have suggestions about how we search this hive? Lot of people to go through and only 48 hours to do it."
[22:10] <%Dorian> "Find the nearest pub, ask around there."
[22:11] <%Dark> "One known for being full of scumbags"
[22:12] <%Dorian> "Yes, that would be helpful. If scumbags didn't visit every pub."
[22:12] <%Dark> "Aye, but they have particualer places dont they?"
[22:13] <%kilakan> "Do we go in pairs or split up to couver more ground?"
[22:13] <%kilakan> "Cause you never know when someone e'll tire of talking and go for a gun."
[22:16] <%Dorian> "Pairs? With three of us? Or am I missing something here?"
[22:18] <%kilakan> "Hum, nevermind that, I'm just a bit tired. So split up guys, or stick together?"
[22:18] <%Dorian> "Stick together."
[22:19] <%kilakan> "Agreed, anyone need to do anything or should we head out now?"
[22:20] <%Dorian> "Hold on." I check my staff and sword to make sure they're still in one piece. "Ok, I'm good."
[22:20] <%Dark> I check the charge pack of my Lasgun before shrugging "I'm ready whenever"
[22:21] <%kilakan> I make sure my rifle is loaded, "Ok then, let's go." I then walk up the stairs
[22:22] <%Dorian> I shrug, and follow on behind.
[22:25] <@Karkhan> just as you reach the door it opens, revealing a Inquisitorial Stormtrooper carrying a figure over his sholder
[22:26] <%kilakan> I back up against the wall and say "Are you going in my freind?"
[22:27] <%Dorian> I grin, and take a step back. "Someone's in trouble."
[22:27] <@Karkhan> "this one is your problem now" he grunts and heaves the man over his shoulder and onto the floor "emperor pretect, because I sure as warp won't"
[22:28] <%kilakan> I poke the man with my foot, and see if he's awake.
[22:28] <%Dorian> "Well." I give him a quick tap on the head with the but of my staff.
[22:28] <@Karkhan> with that he puts on his helmet and vanishes into the masses of the streets
[22:29] <%Dark> "More meat for the grinder"
[22:29] *** Spiritcurse (Spiritcurs@sux-EC0DA8D7.mcr-bng-012.adsl.virginmedia.net) joined
[22:29] Halfops cannot set mode h
[22:30] <%kilakan> "Sigh, damn unconcious bastards." I flip him over to make sure he isn't dead yet.
[22:30] *** Karkhan sets channel #LegionRPG mode +h Spiritcurse
[22:31] <%Spiritcurse> With a groan, I manage to splutter out the words "I ain't dead yet, stop kickin' me".
[22:31] <%Dorian> I prod him with my staff. "Hey. Get up."
[22:32] <%kilakan> "ah well then, seems we have Cultists, and I'm sure you won't find any on the ground. So let's get moving before the inquisitors drop another sod on us."
[22:32] <%Spiritcurse> I haul myself to my feet. "Guns. Tell me the bastards didn't take my guns?"
[22:33] <%Dorian> "Check, I don't fracking know."
[22:33] <%kilakan> "Phft if they did you can have one of my knives to slit your own throat, cause you ain't having my ammo."
[22:33] <%Spiritcurse> "They didn't take these two, I'm good. They owe me the rest though. Less of that boy, or I'll drop you."
[22:34] <%Dark> I give a rough chuckle
[22:34] <%kilakan> "Well you have spirit then, Hahaa." I laugh mirthlessly
[22:35] <%Dorian> I sigh, and start to head out.
[22:35] <%Spiritcurse> "And a pair of guns, which means I'm doing better than plenty. Right, what's going on?"
[22:35] <%Dorian> "Cultists. Hive world. Inquisition. Add it up."
[22:36] <%Dark> I sling my gun over my shoulder and follow, stubbing my cigar out with my foot
[22:36] <%Spiritcurse> "Kill the first, try not to piss off the last? I got it."
[22:36] <%kilakan> I move out, spinning a knife on a finger as I walk.
[22:38] <%Spiritcurse> Following him, I mutter a few words of metallican and check the action of my guns.
[22:38] <@Karkhan> its dark as you step onto the street, dispite that the crowds are large ever for a have, and they all seem to be moving in one direction
[22:42] <%kilakan> I try and stop a nearby person and ask, "what's happening at the moment, why is everyone going in the same way?"
[22:42] <%Dorian> I frown, and amble up to the conversation.
[22:43] <%Spiritcurse> Trying not to make it obvious, I move behind the person and listen in.
[22:43] <%Dark> I make no attempt to hide the fact i'm listening
[22:44] <@Karkhan> the old man you stop looks at you for a moment, then grins a wide toothless grin "its time for it to begin" and with that he skips under your arm and wanders away
[22:44] <%Dark> "Begin?"
[22:44] <%Dorian> "This bodes well." I say, a dark look on my face.
[22:45] <%Spiritcurse> I grab the next person to come within arms reach and look intently at him. "Are all the security protocols in place? You did make sure, right?"
[22:46] <%kilakan> "Hum, old men, they always meen trouble. I mean how has he survived this long..." I begin to move in the same directin as the crowd but along a wall that has exits in it incase I need to run.
[22:46] <%Dark> "He has a point" i chuckle
[22:47] <@Karkhan> the woman looks at you slightly puzzled, then grins the same wide grin "my dear boy, I think you have me confused with someone else"
[22:48] <%Dorian> I chuckle, "Now may not be the best time, I think. Come on, to the c- whatever it is."
[22:48] <%Spiritcurse> "Don't play dumb, you must know who I am. At the very least, you could point me to your superior, I can't keep track of everybody in this damn hive."
[22:49] <@Karkhan> around you people are begining to stop, their grins are faltering as the begin to turn towards you
[22:50] <%Dark> "Errr...I think its time to play along for a bit"
[22:50] <%Dorian> "Agreed. I don't want to get into a fight."
[22:50] <%kilakan> (if I haven;t gone too far) Lean in and wisper "Guys smile and move with the crowd."
[22:51] <%Spiritcurse> "Tried to say at the last meeting, bueracracy doesn't work. Thanks for your help, enjoy the day." I walk briskly away.
[22:52] <%Dorian> I follow, trying to look inconspicuous in a sanctioned psyker outfit.
[22:52] <@Karkhan> the crowd's grin returns and they continue on there way
[22:53] <%Dark> I just mutter a curse and light another cigar as i go
[22:54] <%kilakan> I continue moving along the wall with the crowd, attempt to keep from being noticed
[22:55] <%Dorian> As we follow the crowd, I turn to the man who was unconcious when I met him. "So, what's your name, then?"
[22:55] <%Spiritcurse> With only a quick readjustment of hair and clothes, I blend back into the crowd and try to move forwards to see what they're going towards. I stick near the side of the road, eyes out for a fire escape or ladder.
[22:55] <%Spiritcurse> "Drake, yourself?"
[22:56] <%Dorian> "Pontius, but the sanctionites all called me 'Crisis'"
[22:57] <%Spiritcurse> "Nice. You one of the inqusition's witches, or free?"
[22:58] <%Dorian> "Inquisition. Screwed up in training rather badly, they want to keep an eye on me. You're free, I take it?"
[22:59] <%Spiritcurse> "Aye, born a hive rat, I'll die a hive rat. Probably in this one, too."
[22:59] <%Dorian> I snort, "Doubt it."
[23:00] <%Spiritcurse> "You got any idea what's going on?"
[23:01] <%Dorian> "My theory is that it's... well, no, I'd rather not say infront of the.. you know." I gesture discreetly to the crowds.
[23:02] <%Dark> "My theory is that as allways the Inqusition has no idea how bad things really are" I grumble
[23:02] <%Spiritcurse> "I get it. Get inside one of these buildings? Might be useful when the shit hits the fan."
[23:04] <%kilakan> I look for an open door as I walk down the street.
[23:04] <%Dorian> "Might be, yeah." I start to look at the buildings as well.
[23:06] <@Karkhan> the buildings are all draped in increasing amounts of banners in various vivid colours, however none of them have an open door
[23:07] <%Spiritcurse> "Looks like we're taking the outside route. Still, should be fun."
[23:07] <%kilakan> "Hum, banners and colored too how... incredibly terrifying."
[23:08] <%Dark> I look aroung at the banners, looking for any shaps and such i would recognise
[23:09] <%Dorian> "Ok, my theory may be more logical now."
[23:10] <%Spiritcurse> "Your theory? Whisper it to me?"
[23:10] <%Dorian> I glance around and lower my voice, "I think they might ALL be cultists."
[23:11] <%Dark> "No shit"
[23:11] <%Spiritcurse> "There's really only one thing to do about that, but where are we gonna get a nuke this time of day?"
[23:12] <%Dorian> "Inquisition. We can get an Exterminatus if need be."
[23:12] <%Spiritcurse> "But think of all the valuable things we'd blow up!"
[23:13] <%kilakan> I wander back to the group and wisper, "Can someone please tell me if they are all on some psyco-hallucigen or being mind-controlled?"
[23:14] <%kilakan> "or we abduct one for questioning.
[23:14] <%Dorian> "I say we follow them and hope to the Emperor that we don't get killed."
[23:14] <%Spiritcurse> "They don't look drugged to me, couldn't say about the witchcraft. Abducting one would hurt, let's just follow them."
[23:15] <@Karkhan> as the crowd moves along the distant sound of music comes from infront of you
[23:16] <%kilakan> I listen closely to the music, trying to discern it's feel and type.
[23:16] <%Spiritcurse> "At least they have good taste. Let's get moving. If it comes to a throwdown, what're we all armed with?"
[23:19] <%Dorian> "I've got... a staff, a sword, and a scaled down revolver."
[23:20] <%Spiritcurse> "Okay. I've got two guns."
[23:20] <%Dark> "I have a Lasgun, a Laspistol and a shotgun" I pat my lasgun
[23:21] <%kilakan> "hunting rifle, sword, 10 throwing knives, and another knife. I like sharp implements."
[23:21] <%Spiritcurse> "Brilliant. Well, better weaponry than my last fight, so we're good."
[23:22] <%Dorian> "Hopefully."
[23:22] <%Dark> "I have heard heratics react better to being shot to in the face then what I'm used to shooting at so its all good for me"
[23:22] <%kilakan> "Least they bleed, could be worse...."
[23:23] <%Spiritcurse> "I'm armed with more than a doorknob in a sock. And I survived that fight, so statistically, we're indestructible. Let's do this."
[23:23] <%Dark> "You have no idea"
[23:24] <%kilakan> "You need to tell me that story, providing neither of us gets eaten that is."
[23:24] <%Spiritcurse> "It's a damn good story. Reckon we can get closer to the front?"
[23:25] <%kilakan> "I agree as long as they don't start staring at us again, let's hurry forward."
[23:25] <%kilakan> I weave my way quickly through the crowds making it towards the front.
[23:25] <@Karkhan> the street suddenly opens into a huge plaza, banners hang from every building, and the pounding music washes over you in a wave
[23:26] <@Karkhan> at the far end a stage is errected hung with red and pink banners
[23:27] <%Dark> I squint to try and see what is on the banners
[23:28] <%Spiritcurse> I push my way forward through the crowd, trying to get to the front.
[23:28] <%kilakan> I look for a Ladder or open door that could possibly lead to a roof or vantage point.
[23:30] <%kilakan> failing that I just look for elevated terrian.
[23:31] <%Dorian> I look around, and decide to follow Drake.
[23:33] <@Karkhan> the music alters subtlely, becoming a deep resonating bass beat that thuds into your chests, around you the crowds sway slightly with each beat
[23:35] <@Karkhan> as you move closer you notice figures on the stage, each one in large and shaven headed, dressed in extravegent robes of purple and gold
[23:35] <%Spiritcurse> I push my way to the side and try to get behind the stage, preferably without causing too much turmoil in the crowd as I go.
[23:35] <%Dark> I bite down hard on my cigar through the beat and make my way towards Khan, prefering the elivated position as I shit my gun upon my back "I dont like this one bit"
[23:37] <%Dorian> I smile to myself, still following Drake. "So, what's the plan then?"
[23:37] <%kilakan> I take out my rifle and hold it across my chest.
[23:38] <%Spiritcurse> "Take out the sound system, then grab cover and start popping."
[23:38] <%Dark> Taking lead, I unsling my own lasgun and raise it, crouching down as i look down the laser sights i have attached to the top
[23:38] <@Karkhan> the beat becomes louder, becoming almost painful, the crowd however lift up their heads as one, identical looks of joy on all of their faces
[23:39] <%kilakan> I follow suit and get into position with Wells, and flick on my stummer
[23:41] <%Dark> "So much for it being just a xeno smuggler..."
[23:41] <%kilakan> "Phft Inquisition does things like that just to mess with us, I swear."
[23:41] <@Karkhan> the men on the stage move down amoung the crowd, it is difficlt to see exactly what they are doing
[23:43] <%Dark> "True" I mutter before closing one eye and focusing on the scope, aiming it at the nearest staged man
[23:43] <%kilakan> I try to follow the men through the crowds
[23:43] <%kilakan> with my aim
[23:44] <@Karkhan> the shaven men seem to be leading certain people out of the crowd and into a warehouse like stucture behind the stage
[23:45] <%Spiritcurse> "Right, do we kick things off now, or go in there?"
[23:46] <%Dark> "Its hardily an ideal firefight here. We are outnumbered and without cover"
[23:46] <%kilakan> "Follow them into the wearhouse is my call." I flick off the stummer
[23:46] <%Dorian> "I don't mind, to be honest."
[23:46] <@Karkhan> a pair of the men begin to move through your part of the crowd, looking over the inraptured people
[23:47] <%Spiritcurse> "There's a couple coming now. Drop 'em, yeah?"
[23:47] <%kilakan> I take out my knife, turn on the stummer and sneak towards him.
[23:47] <%Dark> "Negative, dont openly attack. We will be swamped the second this crowd tures hostile. make it subtle if you have to"
[23:48] <%Spiritcurse> "Nonlethally then."
[23:48] <%Dorian> "Oh, for.." I raise my hand and start to concentrate.
[23:49] <%Spiritcurse> I turn to Crisis and mutter to him "Get one of them down, I'll bring the other in for questioning."
[00:07] <%Dorian> As I concentrate, a phenomenal bang rings out in near-perfect time with a bright flash of light. Unfortunately, this has little to no effect on anyone except Drake, who is stunned by it.
[00:08] <%Dark> "The frag?" I curse as i lower my gun
[00:08] <%Dorian> "That went... well."
[00:09] <%Dark> "What happened to the sneaky?"
[00:09] <%Dorian> "Hey, I thought we'd be sneaky by them not seeing shit!"
[00:09] <%kilakan> I try and get a clear throw in on one of the Leader people with one of my throwing knives.
[00:10] <%Spiritcurse> "Urgh.... this is not a good day to be me."
[00:10] <%Dark> "Frag it. Run or shoot?"
[00:10] <%Spiritcurse> "Shoot?"
[00:10] <%Dorian> "Both?"
[00:13] <%Dark> "Khan? Can you get a shot?" I say, once again aiming at the leader with my scope
[00:14] <%kilakan> As the knife thunks into the back of some person I turn and hurry back to the elevated location
[00:15] <%kilakan> taking out my rifle on the way
[00:18] <%Dorian> "I may have an idea." I whisper to Drake, not taking my eyes off the crowd.
[00:18] <%Spiritcurse> "Make it less bad than your last one?"
[00:19] <%Dorian> "Will try to" I begin to concentrate rather deeply.
[00:21] <%kilakan> I turn, take aim at the Robed leader with my rifle, and shoot.
[00:21] <%kilakan> Missing I sling my rifle, turn on the stummer and disappear in the confusion
[00:22] <%Dark> "Frag this" i hiss before finally shooting
[00:29] <@Karkhan> the bullet rips through the shaven headed mans chest, he collapses in a spray of blood, the music stops and the faces of the crowd begin to become more hostile
[00:34] <@Karkhan> a roar comes from the stage and armored figures pour out of the warehouse, they open fire on the crowd mowing down eveyone, the crowds try to stampede away from the figures
[00:35] <%kilakan> "Guys, do we run now??"
[00:36] <%Dark> "Running would be a very good idea!"
[00:36] <@Karkhan> the second shot blows a hole through the second figures face, dropping him without him making a sound
[00:37] <%Spiritcurse> Finishing my spray of bullets and metallican profanity, I blow the tips of my guns, holster one of them, and run directly for the nearest window.
[00:37] <%Dorian> "One... last... try..." I begin concentrating again.
[00:38] <%kilakan> "Ok then, See you at the other side!" I yell as I bolt off through the crowds back towards the nearest window, shooting it out with my rifle just as I get to it.
[00:42] *** Dark quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- In tests, 0x09 out of 0x0A l33t h4x0rz prefer it Smile)
[00:47] <%Spiritcurse> Taking a more direct route, I shoot my way through the crowd and step through the window.
[00:47] <%Dorian> I grin evily, giving off an aura of near-palpable fear. "Bring it on!"
[00:49] <%kilakan> I turn as I dive through the window and say "Ah hello then" I say as I take aim over the window sill at the men in armor.
[00:55] <@Karkhan> The armored soldiers make short work of the crowds, by the time you are through the window they are either dead or gone
[00:57] <%Dorian> "Huh. That was supprisingly easy."
[00:58] <@Karkhan> in the ensueing quiet the largest armored figure speaks "get them on the the ships, we are done here" the rest of the soldier move off and after a few seconds the larger one follows
[00:59] <%Dorian> "Hey!" I call out to the armoured men, waving my hand and dismissing my Fear Aura.
[00:59] <%Spiritcurse> "I really need some pipe bombs. And that was possibly the dumbest thing you've done today."
[01:00] <%kilakan> I sigh and turn my aim towards the nearest armoured man, incase he fires at the psyker
[01:01] <@Karkhan> they spray bolter fire towards you even as they back into the warehouse
[01:08] <@Karkhan> the door slams shut and a few momments later a pair of thunderhawks obliterate the roof as they head through the air
[01:10] <%Dorian> "Or, y'know, that." I say, squinting at the Thunderhawks.
[01:16] *** Karkhan quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Go on, try it!)

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