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Star Wars RPG Game Logs Empty Star Wars RPG Game Logs

Post by DorianCreed on Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:18 pm

Before anyone asks, yes, I DO in fact get the opening theme in my head when reading that opening bit.

[23:28] <@Dorian> A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY........
[23:30] <@Dorian> The galaxy is in turmoil. War has been raging throughout known space for nigh-on 10 years. However, the conflict seems to be drawing to a close.
[23:33] <@Dorian> Rumors of an upcoming CIS attack on Coruscant itself have been spreading throughout the Outer Rim territories like fire through a Felucian dry-spot.
[23:34] <@Dorian> Recently, the Hutts learnt of this news, and have taken it upon themselves to hire some mercenaries to help their CIS allies.
[23:34] <@Dorian> ___________________________________________________________
[23:35] <@Dorian> A Tatooine bar, Mos Espa. There are a number of people milling around the bar, many of them armed for heavy combat.
[23:38] *** Dorian sets channel #LegionRPG mode +h Dark
[23:38] *** Dorian sets channel #LegionRPG mode +h Spiritcurse
[23:39] <%Dark> I am stood by the door in what appears to be a guard position, blaster held across my chest as the lightling reflects of the yellow markings on my body. My head twitching every now and then as i watch the people around me
[23:40] <%Spiritcurse> Stood nearby is another droid, mounting a large blaster on his arm. Each arm splits into two at the elbow, revealing two sharp claws. He scans back and forth, seemingly at ease.
[23:44] <@Dorian> As you stand around, you both notice a small gathering of people, mostly Gamorreans, walk into the bar. Calling them heavily armed would be an understatement: Each one carries a massive axe and a large rifle, as well as several grenades on their belts.
[23:45] <@Dorian> They are led by a Rodian with a long rifle that looks familiar, yet unusual, as if it was a VERY common model that had been modified extensively.
[23:47] <@Dorian> The Rodian steps forward, "Anyone here who wishes to work for Nalla the Hutt, make your way to the spaceport. Everyone else, have a drink on his grace."
[23:49] <%Spiritcurse> With a subvocalised "1", I head for the spaceport, pushing the crowd aside with the claws if they come too close.
[23:50] <%Dark> I am motionless for a time as i watch before marching to the door, my motions seeming like a parade march more then anything
[23:51] <@Dorian> The majority of the crowds get up and follow the Rodian out, pushing and shoving to get to the front.
[23:54] <@Dorian> As you walk into the spaceport, you notice that a large planetary transport is there, with more Gamorreans guarding it. There is space form maybe 30 humaniods, out of the 50 or so that are there.
[23:56] <%Spiritcurse> In an annoyed tone, I utter "10110 101 10" and rise slowly into the air to drift above the crowds.
[23:56] <%Dark> Running a few calculations through my head, i begin to push fowrad
[23:57] <@Dorian> The Rodian grimaces, "Well, there seems to be too many of you. Ok, then. Decide amongst yourselves, I don't care how." With that, he sits down, and smiles at the arguments that break out almost instantly, obviouslyy noting down the tactics you two seem to be employing and nodding to himself about them.
[23:58] <%Dark> I continue forwad, using my robotic strength to push people out of the way where needed but keeping my blaster held to my chest. my head keeping fowrad
[23:59] <%Spiritcurse> My tactic is simple - to hover above them and snap at anything too close.
[00:00] <@Dorian> The Rodian glances up and, seeing Alpha moving towards the shuttle, nods to the guards. The same guards then begin to help clear a path for Alpha, making sure to keep out of reach of the decidedly leathal looking Cydeus-13 hovering above them.
[00:02] <%Dark> As I reach them, i seem to nods slightly before moving to take my place, retaking the guard poition i had before
[00:02] <%Spiritcurse> I drop to the ground with a "10110 101 01" and smile.
[00:03] <@Dorian> As Alpha gets to the shuttle, the Rodian smiles at him. "Hello. I was told a CIS representatice would be along. Good to see you. And you, kill-bot. You look lethal enough. Good to see you, too.
[00:03] <@Dorian> "
[00:04] <%Spiritcurse> "Assert: positive status. Confirmed."
[00:04] <%Dark> "I'm Unit 0158 of the 12th droid devision. I have been sent to assist you on behalf of the confedericy of independent systerms"
[00:05] <@Dorian> "Yeah, yeah, stick to basic, Kill-bot. And yeah, I know that. We're just waiting on a few more idiots who haven't beaten themselves up, then we can go."
[00:06] <%Dark> "this seems like a waste of usable man power"
[00:06] <@Dorian> "True. Upside: we get the best."
[00:07] *** Spiritcurse quit (Ping timeout)

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Star Wars RPG Game Logs Empty Re: Star Wars RPG Game Logs

Post by comingdarkness on Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:04 am

Star Wars fluff OCD time! There was a mistake in the intro to that session (not that I'm nitpicking or anything Smile ) But the Clone Wars had been raging for all of 3 years rather than 10 as was stated above.
Also, seeing as there this is the bet place to put them...my battle droids!!

Why yes...yes I am obsessed with them Very Happy
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