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Sudden Unexplained Post-Apoc

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Sudden Unexplained Post-Apoc Empty Sudden Unexplained Post-Apoc

Post by Spiritcurse on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:50 pm

[23:30] <@Spiritcurse> The howl of the blizzard outside dies down for a while as you glance out of the bunker. For the first time in weeks, it should be safe to hunt or scavenge supplies in the ruined city in the valley below. You've got about enough food for a few weeks, and enough ammo to last a good few hunts. Water may as well be unlimited, given the snowfall here.
[23:33] <Dorian> "We need to get going. This break might not last that long!" I stand, pulling my furs around me and shivvering vehemetly. "Also, we need more clothes."
[23:34] <Karm> "Alright lads, lets head out, seems good enough" i mutter walking out
[23:34] <tavolk> "we should probably check for more survivors!"
[23:35] <Dorian> I grab my gun, and shoulder it, "Don't. More mouths to feed."
[23:35] <@Spiritcurse> You open the doors to the bunker, shivering as a blast of cold air hits you. The trail down the hills is coated in snow, but seems traversable.
[23:36] <tavolk> I pick my own gun, taken from my dads old chest before i left town, and move towards the door. "you shure we can make it down there?"
[23:36] <Karm> "Not unless we find more food, or they have a metric shittonne of food themselves" i say cautiously walking down the the trail hitching my gun back into place every few minutes
[23:37] <Dorian> "Well, we could always kill something on the way." I grimace, and follow at the tail of the group.
[23:38] <Karm> "An yeah, we find something, we take it down, need anything we can get"
[23:38] <tavolk> "oh hell" i mutter and folow, sealing the bunker behind me. "Hey guys wait up!" yell
[23:38] <@Spiritcurse> The trail leads almost directly to the city, but is mostly deserted. To the east, you think you can see a small group of men, about 4 people.
[23:38] <tavolk> "HEY! OVER HERE!" I shout at the figures
[23:39] <Dorian> "Sssh! Don't shout to people, they might want to steal our stuff!"
[23:39] <@Spiritcurse> The echoes of your voice easily carry through the mountains, and one man drops to his knees and raises a gun for a few seconds. After a while, he lowers it and waves.
[23:40] <tavolk> "well they seem friendly enough" i say smugly and start walking over to them " besides they may be able to help us"
[23:41] <@Spiritcurse> The men don't do much as you approach other than a couple sitting down and one drinking from a hip flask.
[23:41] <Karm> "Or maybe very good con men..." i say darkly as i walk over to them
[23:42] <Dorian> "Ok, but keep on your guard." I ready my gun, not aiming it but keeping it's butt in my arm as I walk over.
[23:43] <Karm> "Yeah."
[23:43] <tavolk> "oh great, if we all had your attitude..." I say letting my sentence trail off...
[23:44] <@Spiritcurse> As you approach, you see they're all also wearing furs and carrying guns, though they look slightly better armed than you. The tallest one raises his hand as you're about 20 paces away, and says "Stop there, that's close enough. Who are you?"
[23:45] <Karm> "Survivers!" i shout over " Out to get supplies!"
[23:46] <@Spiritcurse> "Where're you thinking of searching, friend?"
[23:47] <Dorian> "Wherever we can."
[23:47] <@Spiritcurse> "I'd steer clear of this city then. We've got word of an infestation there."
[23:49] <Dorian> "Thank you kindly, and we shall use that information well."
[23:49] <tavolk> "infestation???" I say looking down at my AK-47
[23:49] <@Spiritcurse> "So, where're you guys from?" He gestures to the ground near him, where one of the other man is trying, unsuccesfully, to light a fire. "Come, sit with us."
[23:50] <Karm> "Sure" i say nodding and walking over
[23:50] <@Spiritcurse> One of the others, a woman, turns to you. "The damn nanobots. I'm sure you've heard. They've taken root in that city, and got more thralls. We're on our way to take them out."
[23:51] <Karm> "Do you want any help?" i ask as i sit "We might find something useful "
[23:52] <Dorian> I smile as I walk over, keeping my gun ready yet nonthreateningly pointed towards the floor, "So you're, what, freedom fighters? Reclaimers? And also what he said."
[23:52] <tavolk> "Thanks" I mumble, looking around nervously worrying about an infestation
[23:53] <@Spiritcurse> "More help is always good. We need the solar plant and the factory taken down as quickly as possible." She says. The leader laughs and says "We're more like... I dunno, preservers, I guess."
[23:54] <Karm> "So your not bothered by some Scavagers tagging along? then great" i smile
[23:55] <@Spiritcurse> "You're not a problem. Best case, you take one of the places out right. Worst case, you get infected and we shoot you."
[23:55] <Dorian> "Best case, we discover supplies not full of fucking nanobots."
[23:56] <@Spiritcurse> "If you do, they're yours."
[23:56] <Karm> "Good reason to go then" i grin and stand up brushing myself off
[23:56] <tavolk> "If we could get some power back at our place I think i could get our computer back online." I say perking up at the prospect of power "Im shure i saw some usefull gear lying around in that old bunker)
[23:57] <@Spiritcurse> "Well, do you guys want to take the power plant then?"
[23:58] <Karm> "Happily, if it gets us some power for a time"
[23:58] <Dorian> "Of course. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Actually, don't answer that, my imagination is taking care of it."
[23:58] <@Spiritcurse> "Well, they can eat your from inside if you're no use to them."
[23:58] <tavolk> "Im up for it" I say "Im good with tech. Maby we can see what these nanobots want if i can access some of the old networks"
[23:59] <tavolk> "THEY CAN WHAT!" My face visibly dropping.
[23:59] <Dorian> "Don't. Please. I like my lunch where it is."
[00:00] <@Spiritcurse> "Aww, newbie hunters. You're so cute" the woman teases, then stands. The leader nods, and they begin to walk towards the city.
[00:00] <Karm> "Heh." i smile "Sounds like a good afternoon out then"
[00:00] <tavolk> "Guys, whats the infection?"
[00:01] <Dorian> "Hey, I've hunted lots of things in my time. Just not inside-eating nanobots." I grin, and wander on, trying to stay near the back again.
[00:02] <@Spiritcurse> "Nanobots. Calling it a disease stops people panicking so much" the leader answers. The city is about 600 yards away. It is barricaded up strongly, but a gate exists slightly to the southwest.
[00:03] <@Spiritcurse> The sniper of the group drops to his knees and surveys the scene, before firing a tracer and jogging off to the north with his group. "The plant's the building I just hit" he says as he runs. "Good luck!"
[00:04] <Karm> "Cheers, alright lets move on" i say to our group
[00:04] <tavolk> "Okay guys, we need a computer shop. I think i can make a simpe emp device with the right things." I say looking pretty happy with myself
[00:05] <@Spiritcurse> A cursory glance shows you two things. Firstly, the plant is rather large. You estimate about 20 floors, maybe slightly less. Also, the gate is guarded by two unarmed men.
[00:05] <Karm> "We can do that if we find anything you need"
[00:05] <Dorian> "Unarmed men. Assuming infected?"
[00:06] <Karm> "Odd" i mutter " And yeah veery likely"
[00:07] <tavolk> "I dont like this. Does anybody have any power cells? Any wire?" I look down the sight of my AK and thumb the safety off before looking at my companions
[00:08] <@Spiritcurse> You think you could hit the left one quite easily from here, but the right one has just his head exposed.
[00:08] <Dorian> I sigh, and aim down my rifle, "This is how to do it."
[00:09] <tavolk> "WAIT!" I shout
[00:09] <Karm> "Shut Up!" i mutter covering his mouth
[00:09] <Karm> ducking as i do
[00:09] <@Spiritcurse> From your telescopic zoom, you can spot another unusual thing. Both men are completely bald, and the exposed one has both hands completely burnt, the flesh seared black and red.
[00:09] <tavolk> "We should scout around the area first! I don't want any surprises!" I manage to mumble through his grasp
[00:10] <Karm> "yeah, might be a good idea"
[00:10] <Dorian> "Scouting. Yeah, you do that, and we'll go stop the potentially genocidal nanobot outbreak."
[00:12] <tavolk> "Oh frack to you!" I say whilst readying my AK to fire "I can probably hit them at this range"
[00:12] <Karm> "alright, Dave, take them down"
[00:12] <tavolk> "Good luck"
[00:12] <Dorian> I smile, and aim for the one on the left, "Will do."
[00:13] <Dorian> "Thanks." I say, as I squeeze off a shot.
[00:15] <@Spiritcurse> A gust of wind throws your shot off slightly, and you hit his shoulder. He collapses, strangely silent, but alive. The other glances around, spotting your on the hill. He stretches his arm out towards you, shouting words that are lost in the wind.
[00:16] <Dorian> "Shit!"
[00:17] <tavolk> "Ajust your scope and shoot again. We have plenty of time before they reach us!"
[00:19] <@Spiritcurse> As you cycle the round, the man with the outstretched arm bellows one last word, and a bolt of energy leaps from his hands. He screams in agony as his flesh sears, but you manage to roll out of the way. A pile of snow beside you sublimates instantly.
[00:20] <tavolk> "HOLY CRAP!" I yell and spray my AK at the creature
[00:21] <@Spiritcurse> Your shots spray the area, snapping parts of the barricade. The man claws his hand towards him, bleeding from the stump of a burning finger. His scream intensify.
[00:23] <tavolk> "SHOOT IT!" I shout panicking
[00:29] <Karm> i run down the hill towards a tree close to the figures, and i duck behind it raising my gun
[00:31] <Dorian> I grimace and take aim at the one still standing. I level my gun at his head, before taking a deep breath in, holding it, and slowly exhaling as I pull the trigger.
[00:33] <@Spiritcurse> Your shot thuds into the barricade, casuing a yelp of surprise from the men.
[00:35] <@Spiritcurse> The two men point their arms over the barricade and yell again. One of the men has his arm almost catch fire, while the other launches a bolt at Nimo.
[00:35] <@Spiritcurse> The intense heat scalds you slightly, but doesn't to impact.
[00:36] <@Spiritcurse> The one lacking fingers seems to be visibly swaying, possibly due to the massive blood loss.
[00:39] <tavolk> "THE FUCK!" I yell as I stand up, firing off two bursts from my AK, then sprinting towards Alex and the relative safety of the tree.
[00:40] <@Spiritcurse> The man whose arm had almost caught fire is given more pressing issue to worry about, namely the two bullets entering his head. He drops to the floor, screaming as he dies.
[00:41] <tavolk> "DO NOT FUCK WITH ME CYBERFREAKS!" I scream triumphantly
[00:44] <Karm> I run forward pushing myself of the tree and fire at the lone man
[00:45] <@Spiritcurse> He swerves to the side as you lift your gun, causing the shot to miss.
[00:45] <@Spiritcurse> Looking at his dead friend, he makes a smart decision - to turn around, clutching his burnt hand, and run. He quickly vanishes from sight.
[00:46] <Karm> "Feck! he's gone!" shout over to Dorian

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