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Dark's Deathwatch Campaign!!

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Dark's Deathwatch Campaign!! Empty Dark's Deathwatch Campaign!!

Post by comingdarkness on Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:20 am

[20:35] <@Dark> The planet Tranta.
[20:38] <@Dark> A mining world on the fringes of the Imperium, Tranta holds a vast amount of resources which have become a great support for the manifacturims during the thrid tyrannic War. But now it has become corrupted by xeno belifes as the Tau empire attempt to bring it over to them and away from the light of the god emporer
[20:40] <@Dark> You are a kill team of the inquisitor govered elite Space Marine chapter. The Deathwatch. You have been sent to Tranta to weed out the heritics and xeno supporters within Tranta's goverment and remove them along with the xeno forces already upon the planet. You are also to use any means you see fit to "Inspire" loyalty among the rest.
[20:41] <@Dark> You are currently sat within a black painted Thunderhawk, desending towards the planet where you will be met by an escort of the planetary govoner. This is your first time meeting after being taken from you parent chapters
[20:45] <Dorian> I start to check my ammo clips and weaponry, making sure that it is all in firing condition.
[20:46] <Karm> I wander around looking for computers to check up local history
[20:47] <tavolk> Stood away fromt he rest of the group I eye you all warily glancing from weapon to weapon.
[20:47] <Spiritcurse> I check my medkit for everything I'll need, then sit back, awaiting the landing.
[20:51] <@Dark> The Thunderhawk gives a shake as it entres the atmosphere of the planet and a countdown on a nearby screen announces you will be landing in a few minutes
[20:53] <Karm> '....ok i am sick of the silence, whats your names.' i say gruffly
[20:55] <tavolk> "sammeth, you?"
[20:55] <Dorian> "Brother Zahariel. Formerly of the Dark Angels First Founding chapter. Specialisation: Heavy Weaponry."
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[20:57] <Karm> 'Brother Derpar Hroth, Space Wolf TechMarine' i nod
[20:58] <Spiritcurse> "Cortez, Dark Angel combat medic."
[21:00] <@Dark> as soon as the last name is uttered, a siren sounds out within the Thunderhawk to announce that you are nearing landing before, a couple of seconds later, there is a heavy thud and the sound of engines softens. The ramp at the ships rear slides open and a burst of weak sunlight strikes into the dark ship
[21:00] <tavolk> "Cant wait to meet to locals"
[21:00] <tavolk> I hoist my bolter and move to the exit.
[21:01] <Karm> 'theres been Ork raids in system too their gonna be jumpy...'
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[21:02] <tavolk> "Wonderfull" i say to Derpar "got any more info on this world, i wasn't told much"
[21:03] <@Dark> Outside of the ship, the landing platform has been surrounded by two large groups of Imperial Guardsmen, each fully dressed in military uniform and holding their weapons steady. They give a completly unified salute to you as they see you and fthe many flags that have been placed flutter slightly in the wind. It is clearly a sight designed to impress you...but you are not really
[21:04] <Karm> 'tau have apperantly got a fully working force on this planet.'
[21:04] <Dorian> I stand up, and hoist my Heavy Bolter, switching it to standard ammunition.
[21:05] <tavolk> "And the guards think they need to impress us? what'd work more is if those tau were being pushed back"
[21:06] <@Dark> At the far side of the docking platform is a overly decorated Salamander transport, outside of which stands a (somewhat over weight) commander who has his entire chest covered in military medals and badges
[21:07] <Karm> 'Guess we found our guy.'
[21:08] <tavolk> "least he looks like he has some experience" then with a glance back "Then again nobody tends to say no to the Deathwatch"
[21:09] <Karm> 'bits of metal dont prove your worth' i mutter stroking the wolf pelt on my shoulder
[21:09] <@Dark> The commander seems to stall slightly as he sees you, seeming to reveal that this is his first time seeing members of the Astarties before walking over to you and saluting "My lords...welcome to Tranta"
[21:10] <Karm> 'Commander.'
[21:11] <Dorian> "Greetings, Commander."
[21:11] <tavolk> I nod and carry on looking around.
[21:12] <@Dark> "It is an...honour to meet you all. If you would like to follow me to my transport we will take you to the govenors palice. He has arranged a great feast to celebrate your arrival"
[21:13] <Karm> I let out a small smile and follow him
[21:14] <tavolk> "Is a feast really apropriate right now?" I mutter to Zahariel
[21:15] <Dorian> "I think not. The Xenos must first be purged."
[21:15] <@Dark> "Well..." He seems to pale slightly at your comment "of course my lord...but we thought..."
[21:16] <Karm> 'we dont need to eat. But meeting the governer might prove useful.'
[21:16] <tavolk> "formalities are not nessecary"
[21:17] <@Dark> "Well..I'm sure the govoner will appriciate it if you came"
[21:18] <tavolk> I folow him to the salamander
[21:18] <Karm> 'we need to find out what forces we can make us of' i say tothe commander as i walk to the Salamander
[21:19] <Dorian> I follow the group, keeping an eye out for any suspicious persons or activities.
[21:19] <@Dark> He seems very releaved to have you coming and nods "Of course my lord. We will provide you with full military intel once we arrive at the palace, its been used as a makeshife base of opperations since the insurrection"
[21:20] <tavolk> "How close to the front is it?" I say as we board
[21:20] <@Dark> "Away from it my lord. And I'm afread there is no front at the moment...we arnt opely fighting the Tau"
[21:22] <tavolk> I try to hide my surprise at this comment
[21:22] <Karm> Yes. The report said this. Why havent you started your attack?'
[21:23] <@Dark> "Because my lord" He seems to struggle for words "You see...a large portion of the planets population has come to support the xeno's cause and alowing the Tau to set up a base on the planet without war was the only way we could prevent repeat of the attack on our original base. It wasnt the Tau that attacked it, it was the public and severl of the PDF"
[21:25] <Karm> 'what how could this be allowed to happen!' i growl
[21:25] <tavolk> "We need to speak to the govoner immediately"
[21:26] <@Dark> "We...We..." He goes white "We had no choice...over half the PDF have turned against us along with what seems like more of the public...And yes, I will take you there now"
[21:27] <@Dark> "Would you like a detore though my lords? I can show you the xeno incampment if you wish on the way?"
[21:28] <Karm> 'yes.' i say simply glaring at the man
[21:29] <@Dark> He gives a whimper and turns away before you climb into the Salamander and it pulls away. Behind you, you see every single of the Guardsmen give a heavy sigh of relif
[21:30] <@Dark> It takes about ten minutes before the truck pulls to a stop and the commander opens the door again "We are here my lords...or as close as I dare go"
[21:30] <tavolk> "looks like you were right about him" I say to Derpar
[21:31] <Dorian> "Do we execute him?" I say, after my period of silence.
[21:31] <tavolk> "No, it isn't his decision. We see what the Governor has to say first"
[21:31] <Karm> 'no we still need him, until we find a better leader.'
[21:34] <@Dark> The commander pokes his head around the corner, clearly scared of what you may do to him "Is everything ok my lords?"
[21:34] <Dorian> "Very well. We will converse with the Governor, then we will purge the Xenos and this worthless comander."
[21:35] <Karm> 'Yes, lets go.' i say and board the truck
[21:37] <@Dark> Outside of the truch, you find the outskirts of a forrest where a couple of Chimeras are parked. around half a dozen Heavy Weapons Teams of the PDF are set up to face towards the Tau incampent but it is clear they are not expecting trouble
[21:38] <tavolk> "Governor, how long have the xenos been here? And have there been any skirmishes with them so far?"
[21:39] <Dorian> "You mean commander."
[21:39] <@Dark> "They have been here for about six months my lord" The commander says "And they have remained remarkably unhostile...its been their supporters in the public and PDF which have been the problem"
[21:40] <tavolk> Clearly distracted eying the cover nearby and assesing the postitions in my head I merely nod
[21:41] <@Dark> There is a line of sandbags facing the tau encampent, with Heavy bolters set up at regual intavals and a Chimera inbetween each of these. it is a cheap defense line which you predict wouldnt be able to turn back anything remotly determined
[21:42] <Dorian> I start to ready my Heavy Bolter, switching ammunition to Hellfire rounds.
[21:43] <tavolk> "You expecting any attacks?" I ask the commander
[21:45] <@Dark> About half a dozen miles ahead of the line, across an open "No-mans land" is the Tau encampent. An impressive sturctuce made up and massive walls of metal white and grey, all curved and smooth with giant Tau battlesuits marching along the walls top, an XV-88 standing sentinal upon each courner and gun drones flying around it like flies
[21:45] <@Dark> "I can not say my lord...you can never know what a xeno is thinking. As you can see they have a large military force already in the area"
[21:46] <tavolk> "We need to do something about this quickly"
[21:52] <@Dark> "With respect my lord...the Tau have wormed their way into the grace of a large portion of our people. To attack them could bring our rule and entire goverment crashing down around us and allow the Tau to take the planet without any effort on their own account. I think thats what they are counting on"
[21:53] <tavolk> "I understand your position, take us to the Govenor"
[21:54] <@Dark> "Yes of course my lord, right aw..." He seems to go even pailer as he sees somthing behind you
[21:54] <Dorian> I turn around, finger on the trigger of my gun.
[21:55] <Karm> I turn quickly and ready my gun
[21:55] <tavolk> dropping to a crouch i spin leveling my bolter ready to fire
[21:55] <@Dark> Slipping into sight with shimmering lights are the shapes of a pair of Tau Stealth suits, their guns held ready but silent. THey stay still as they allow you to register them before one walks fowrad slightly
[21:56] <@Dark> "You are the Space marines whose coming was fortold?" It says, its voice heavily accented and clealy not native to low gothic
[21:56] <tavolk> I stand from my crouch and walk towards them no lowering my gun "What of it"
[21:57] <Karm> I g
[21:57] <Dorian> "We are of the Adeptus Astartes Ordo Xenos Elite squad"
[21:57] <Karm> Lare at the Xeno
[21:58] <@Dark> "I see. Our exalted commander O'Chaiest of the Fire Cast sends his regards to you. He hopes that your arrival will allow us to reach a a neutrally benafical and peacful conclusion to the long negotions on this world. One that will aid all in our path to the greater good"
[22:00] <Karm> 'doubtful. But send our regards to your commander' i say
[22:00] <@Dark> "Of course. We are pleased to see that you are not the barbarions that the stories would have you be, you at least know how to be civilized we hope"
[22:01] <Dorian> "We will try, Xenos."
[22:01] <Karm> 'we will see' i smile reveiling my enlarged fangs
[22:02] <tavolk> I keep my gun pointed at the tau infront of me, the barrel verry close to his face.
[22:03] <@Dark> The Stealth suit seems to nod before turning and walking back towards its comrads, both of whome have had their weapons pointed at Tavolk during the talk. then, the three make their way back into the forrest and fade from sight as their cloaks activate
[22:04] <tavolk> I hold my position like a statue till im sure they have left then turn "bloody xenos, lets get moving we need to prepare"
[22:05] <Karm> My servo arm twitchs slightly ' indeed.'
[22:05] <@Dark> "Well...yes" The commander nods "I guess we should...go then"
[22:07] <tavolk> I board the salamander
[22:07] <tavolk> my finger is still on the trigger of my bolter
[22:07] <@Dark> He walks back in to the Salamander and promptly lights a cigar, seeming to pause and he shakes and tries to relax with a few heavy drags
[22:08] <Karm> 'how long have you been leading men, commander?'
[22:09] <@Dark> "What me?" He sighs, getting ahold of himself as he pulls the truck back onto the road and drives back into the city "About twelve years now...if you can count managing them on this rock as commanding. I regret to say I havent really lead anyone in battle. Only fight I have ever seen really was an Ork raid back when i was a rank trooper"
[22:10] <tavolk> "Where are those medals from then?"
[22:12] <@Dark> "Various places, mostly just putting out rebellions and being their at the right place. I am good at insipiring loyalty in my men and they respect me...I'm not the sort of stone faced leader who sends men to their graves for the sake of it. And that gets you far on a lonly world like this"
[22:13] <Karm> 'hmmm interesting'
[22:13] <tavolk> Starting to see this commander in a new light I say "I understand commander, what other forces are there on this planet?"
[22:16] <@Dark> "PDF and a couple of squads of real Guardsmen. Thanks to the 'nids most of the Imperiums been dragging every srap of soldier they can from small planets like us. I have whats left to protect this mining world from an ever expanding empire of crazy aliens..."
[22:18] <Karm> ' Ok we will need a full head count of the PDF'
[22:18] <@Dark> "Of course my lord. I will give you a full listing once we get to the governers palice"
[22:19] <tavolk> "I hope we have enough, I don't see this being a short campain. Anything heavier than the infantry?"
[22:22] <@Dark> "We are only PDF so officaially we only have Chimera and Hellhound support but..." He seems to pause as if wondering whether to say it before "Well, I guess I broke military law by..commendiring a group of Basalisk Artillary. I know I could be court marshalled for it but...I just couldnt let the Imperium leave us utterly undefended. If things go bad, I want somthing that can really send those gray skins screaming into the warp"
[22:23] <Dorian> I smile underneath my helmet. "Now that is more like it."
[22:24] <Karm> 'i admire your courage, we will talk about that later...'
[22:24] <@Dark> "And I'll accept any punishment you see fit for it. But only AFTER my home is safe" He seems suddenly determined before seeming to remember who he is talking to and looking back at the road, embarrised at his sudden outburst
[22:25] <tavolk> "There was me thinking you were a sap" I say allmost laughing "I'm sure we can overlook this"
[22:26] <Karm> 'punishment? I was thinking about placement'
[22:27] <@Dark> he actually seems to blush for a second before the vehical turns a courner and he mutters a curse "Here you are my lords, behold the true problem facing Tranta"
[22:28] <@Dark> You can hear the sound of chanting and cheering around you and, sticking your heads through an open section of the transport's roof, you see a sea of people gathered around the governers palice. They are all holding banners of various languages and many have shaven their heads to leave only a strand of notted hair running down the middle from the top...exactly the same way as the Tau do
[22:29] <Karm> 'let us out.'
[22:29] <@Dark> They are chanting and shouting abuse at a set of stormtroopers gathered at the gate of the palice and are even throwing bricks and the like. You quickly gather that these are Tau supporters protesting against the Imperium goverment
[22:30] <@Dark> "Yes my lord...put please dont do anything too rash ok?"
[22:30] <tavolk> "i agree, don't fire, our presence will be enough"
[22:31] <@Dark> As you step out of the transport the chanting seems to stop instantly, the various members of the crowd shocked at the sight of you
[22:31] <Dorian> I sigh, and step out of the transport, making sure my exceedingly threatening gun is in an even more threatening position.
[22:32] <tavolk> I folow, cocking my gun threateningly.
[22:33] <Karm> ' What is this!' i roar at the crowd
[22:34] <@Dark> The crowd is silent for a while, simply staring at you as if frozen before someone you can not see shouts out "The opressive Imperium sends its true tyrants!"
[22:36] <Karm> 'You who spoke, Step forward.'
[22:36] <tavolk> I point my gun right at him "You would willfully step away fromt he Emperors light?"
[22:37] <@Dark> No one steps fowrads, however you do see the yellow disk like shapes of a pair of Tau camera drones flying above the crowd
[22:38] <tavolk> I ajust my aim and let off a burst of fire.
[22:39] <Karm> 'you turn your back on Him, who has fought for your safety, he who guides us all to greatness!'
[22:41] <@Dark> "We turn our back on those who use us and then take everything from us! We turn our back from..." whoever is speaking breaks off as the tau drone explodes into fragments and several memebers of te crowd scream
[22:42] <Karm> 'these pathetic Xeno's will be pushed off this planet, and you will be free from them once again'
[22:42] <Dorian> "We will purge the unclean!"
[22:42] <tavolk> I lower my gun "The mutant, the heretic" I hang on the last word, making my point understood
[22:43] <@Dark> this time, their is no response from the crowd as they stay still, watching you
[22:44] <@Dark> "My Lords?" THe commander you had been with says from behind you, now flanked by a squad of Stormtroopers "Perhaps we should go inside? I think you have silenced them for now at least"
[22:45] <Karm> I growl and walk forwards into the crowd towards the palace
[22:45] <tavolk> I hesitate then folow.
[22:45] <Dorian> I follow behind, making sure to swing my gun around menacingly at the crowd.
[22:46] <@Dark> the storm troopers close the gate behind you as you entre and you can see that the crowd is actually beginning to disperse a bit as you entre the palace
[22:47] <tavolk> "I don't want to kill them, but I will."
[22:47] <@Dark> inside you find all the over the top decorations you would expect of a govoners palace but mixed with the maps and planning tables of a military warbunker. the servants walking shoulder to shoulder with solders and errand boys
[22:51] <@Dark> "I'm sorry for the mess my lord. But as I said before I moved all of our military planning in here in order to keep those xenos of the scent as it were"
[22:52] <Karm> 'Bring us to the governer'
[22:54] <@Dark> "Of course my lord" He nods before pausing "My name is commander Trazen by the way...dont know if i ever said" he then leads you through a room that has pictures of various species from the empire hung around and into one room that has been left untouched by the military
[22:55] <@Dark> A long, heavily decorated table covered in velvat and items from across the imperum surrounds a large man who is reading from a book with a blank leather bindings. he is old and finly groomed, but streight away gives of the smell of heavy purfume and arragence
[22:56] <@Dark> "Ah, so the angels come to us in our hour of need" THe govoner grins to you as you enter, holding his hands open in a exagurated gesuture
[23:01] <Karm> 'Governer.'
[23:02] <@Dark> "Oh come now, lets not be so formal" he closes his book and puts it in a draw beside where he is sat "What can I do for you?"
[23:03] <Karm> 'we're here to wipe the scum from this planet.'
[23:04] <@Dark> "Scum...I know I asked for my maid to be replaced but thats a bit far isnt it?"
[23:05] <Karm> 'Be serious!' i roar
[23:06] <tavolk> "The xenos." I say ambling into the room looking around
[23:06] <Dorian> "Governor, you realise that harboring Xenos is Heresy?"
[23:07] <@Dark> He blinks before sighing "OK look here" he leans forwards "I'm not harboring any Xenos, that implys keeping their pressence a secret. I want them gone, but if I'm honest...they have been a help. They have actually been paying me taxs for there pressence in that base of theirs. They really are quite willing to abide by our laws whilst we negotiate so I carnt think of them as threats to the imperium"
[23:08] <@Dark> "Sir you carnt say that!" Trazin shouts befor a look from the goveoner silences him into anger filled stares
[23:08] <tavolk> "Any xenos is a threat to us"
[23:09] <Dorian> "Xenos scum as a whole is a threat to Imperial rule. The Imperium of Man rules here, thereofre the Xenos must be cleansed."
[23:09] <@Dark> "Mabye" He mutters before turning around "But lets not have such a downer on our happy meeting hmm? I have arranged a great party for you all to celebrate you arrival. Food, music, girls. YOu marines do like girls still right?"
[23:12] <Karm> 'we would perfer to start our mission as soon as we can.'
[23:12] <tavolk> "One more comment and I will introduce you to the buisness end of this gun." then I turn " Commander I need to talk to you about the Defense of this world."
[23:13] <@Dark> "Oh your poor men" The govoner sighs "Trazin would you please lead them to the dance hall. I belive they will want to see everything is set up how they like and check for xenos or whatever" He flicks his hand and returns to his book
[23:14] <@Dark> "Yes sir" Trazin nods and leads you out "I am at your disposal my lords" He says to you "You are more good to this world then he is, any questions you may have I will anserw to the best of my ability"
[23:14] <tavolk> I look back, finger on trigger with half a mind to shoot.
[23:15] <@Dark> "Please that shoot that frag head in the middle of the building. think of the paper work"
[23:17] <@Dark> Trazin leads you to a large open room where various diffrent lights and decortaions have been hung "This is where the govenoer intends to hold you party tonight...or rather his own using you as an excuse"
[23:21] <@Dark> "its all utter pointless and a waste of time that would be better spent prepairing for when that grey skin bastards get bored of their word game but still, least it keeps the govoner busy and out of the militaries hair yer?"
[23:24] <tavolk> "Now that i agree with."
[23:24] <Karm> 'hmm' i nod 'ok we need a head count, number of HellHounds and their aproximate numbers
[23:26] <@Dark> "Of course" He opens up a book he had collected whilst walking with you "We have three full companies of PDF still loyal along with a Chimera for each squad and two divisions of Hellhounds. Four Diviosons of Sentanals and two Leman Russ battle tanks...oh and those off the recode basalisk of course"
[23:28] <tavolk> "This is better than expected. Do they have any other bases of opperations?"
[23:29] <@Dark> Those units are spread out across the entire planet, we have tried to set up where ever the Tau have but with the turncoat guard companies...we are outnumbered...we have even lost contact with our fragging Baneblade"
[23:30] <tavolk> "The turncoats have controll of the Baneblade?"
[23:31] <@Dark> "I couldnt say my lord" Trazin shakes his head "I knew the tanks commander well and he would never have turned to the xenos. But he may well be dead now"
[23:31] <Karm> 'what.' i growl fangs bared ' we must get that back!'
[23:32] <@Dark> "Indeed. I have already sent scouts to find out what has happened and am gathering a force should it turn out to be what we expect. Perhaps you would like to accompany them when they leave?"
[23:33] <tavolk> "As soon as possible. The xenos should never have the chance to use it"
[23:33] <Karm> 'yes'
[23:34] <@Dark> "Very good my lords. I shall inform the men that you will be..."
[23:34] <@Dark> He is cut off by a sudden, bloodcurdling scream breaking out from the door at the far side of the room
[23:34] <tavolk> I raise my bolter "What was that"
[23:35] <@Dark> Trazin has a las pistol raised too as he turns "I dont know" he curses, but it came from the stars to the servent quaters
[23:35] <Karm> 'Hror!' i shoit and run for the noise
[23:36] <@Dark> "I'll go get some men!" Trazin shouts as he runs out, calling for reinforcments as you head towards the door
[23:37] <tavolk> I sprint after Derpar making sure to check my corners
[23:37] <@Dark> The room you are in is clear, but you hear another scream from beyond the door and the sound of somthing...inhuman
[23:39] <Dorian> I prep my gun, and level it into a forward firing position.
[23:39] <tavolk> Moving so I am stood away from the door i crouch and level my bolter "Derpar move in"
[23:40] <Karm> Fen!' i roar and break throught the door and carry on running
[23:40] <Dorian> I sigh, "Space Wolves."
[23:40] <@Dark> The door leads down a flight a stairs which have a trail of blood running down them
[23:40] <Dorian> I proceed down the stairs, keeing my weapon aimed forward.
[23:41] <tavolk> I rushto the door and peer round making sure i have the other two covered
[23:42] <@Dark> As you reach the bottom of the stairs you come across a small corridor which is coated in blood. At the far end of the corridor you can see the body of a maid with four...creatures hunched over her, biting and tearing in a mad feast
[23:42] <Dorian> I switch my gun to Hellfire rounds, and begin to take aim.
[23:43] <Karm> 'Die!' i shout and swing my servo arm in an arc
[23:43] <tavolk> I crouch again, on the stairs still, pointing my bolter down the corridor.
[23:43] <@Dark> Hearing the sound of the click from you gun, the creatures look up and stare at you. Then upon your shout, they walk fowrad slightly into the light.
[23:44] <@Dark> After a second's pause, the Tyranid Hormagaunts charge at you
[23:44] <Dorian> I pull the trigger as the 'Nids charge.
[23:47] <tavolk> I open fire joining in the barrage.
[00:00] <@Dark> One of the gaunt's stumbules as its left arm is torn clean off but keeps coming at you
[00:04] <@Dark> another hormagaunt takes the resulting blast clean to the head however and crashes to the ground dead
[00:12] <@Dark> The gaunt that Tav had hit gives a look of somthing akin to shok before its chest explodes outward, disgorging a river of parially cooked organs onto the ground, killing him instantly
[00:18] <@Dark> The next guant stumbles and hisses but keeps moving, despite heavy bleeding on its leg
[00:19] <@Dark> Giving out inhuman roars, the remaining two guants charge fowrad and swing their scything talons as they leap the remainding distance with no mind to their dead
[00:27] <Dorian> As the 'Gaunt lunges at me, I drop my gun and pull my sword, blocking it's claws with trained precision.
[00:37] <@Dark> The 'Gaunt gives a growl but its talons fails to find any weakness in your armour and only manages to scratch the paint work
[00:39] <@Dark> one of the gaunt stumbles again, now both of its legs bleeding havily as the blow strikes but it keeps going
[00:42] <@Dark> after a second though, it falls to the ground snarling as its leg gives way
[00:50] <@Dark> The guants left leg explodes as you shoot it point blank, howling in pain, it crashes to the ground and dies from shock
[00:53] <@Dark> Derp swings his servo arm down at the half dead gaunt...and promptly smashes the ground next its head. The guant stops thrassing for a second to fix him with a "The hell?" look before swinging a talon up towards him
[00:54] <@Dark> Due to its weakness however, the arm simply falls to the ground and the guant's head hits the ground as it draws its last breath and bleeds to death
[00:55] <Dorian> I drive my sword into its gut, bringing it up and severing its head from its torso.
[00:57] <@Dark> With that last act, the corridor falls into silence
[00:58] <tavolk> "that could have gone worse, still Tyranids on this planet, it doesnt bode well"
[00:59] <Dorian> "We may need to aquire more flame-based weaponry."
[01:00] <tavolk> "I hope there arnt more"
[01:00] <@Dark> Behind you, you hear the sound of feet running down the stairs before Trazin and a group of Guardsmen run into the corridor, they all gasp as they see the dead Tyranids
[01:00] <@Dark> Looking at you, Trazin seems to growl "What in the warp happened here?"
[01:01] <tavolk> "Its under controll"
[01:01] <Dorian> I wipe my sword clean on the Tyranid corpse before sheathing it, and pick up my Heavy Bolter. "Tryanids."
[01:02] <@Dark> "Tyranids....but...there hasnt been a single recorded encounter with them in the entire sector. I've never even seen them before"
[01:02] <tavolk> "Anything that could have brought them here? And meteor impacts?"
[01:04] <@Dark> "No nothing..." he shakes his head before ordering his men to take the dead Tyranids to somewhere they can be delt with. Then, gesturing with his lasgun he points towards the door next to the dead maid. "Perhaps we should check in there?"
[01:04] <Karm> 'on it' i mutter and run to the door
[01:05] <@Dark> In it, you see a large dark room with a trail of blood marking where the Hormagaunts had moved towards the door
[01:08] <@Dark> In the centre of the room is a sigle light, casting down upon a large open create
[01:09] <@Dark> "You first my lord" Trazin mutters, hefting his lasgun
[01:09] <Karm> I nod and walk in
[01:10] <Dorian> I step into the room, and take one step to the side of the door.
[01:10] <@Dark> blood hangs alround the room where the 'Gaunts have done their work and bodies lie everywhere save for around the large box, within which you can see a small note haging from what appears to be a 'gaunt sized cage
[01:11] <Karm> I walk over and read the note
[01:12] <@Dark> The note is written in a human language and beneath that in a diffrent language, the human part however reads
[01:12] <@Dark> "To my estemmed commander and to the memebers of this party. A gifts from the gods and the greater good"
[01:13] <@Dark> And as you read it, somthing large, at least twice as tall as a marine, rises behind you and strikes out with talon and claw...
[01:13] <@Dark> *********END OF SESSION***********
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Dark's Deathwatch Campaign!! Empty Re: Dark's Deathwatch Campaign!!

Post by Twilightwings on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:40 pm

I'm going to have to join this eventually...
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