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Conjack's timeline (For Negima/GURPS players)

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Conjack's timeline (For Negima/GURPS players) Empty Conjack's timeline (For Negima/GURPS players)

Post by comingdarkness on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:20 pm

I thought this might help you all to understand the motivation and reasoning behind Conjack Darkright and such Smile

An important note about the Darkling race.
The Darkness that manifests within a young Darkling is based almost entirely upon the situation that causes it to be born, the Darkness being formed out of a single extreme emotion. For example, Conjack’s mother was feeling sympathy and love when her Darkness was born, thus she had one that was kind and cared for both her and her son.
However, when Conjack’s darkness manifested, it was in the Night of Fire whilst he cradled his dead mother and was about to be killed by three Darklings who had once been known to him but had given into their Darkness whilst Zanton killed his village above him. This resulted in him manifesting something that was an extreme form of the Darkness, one born out of fear and anger and death…something the council came to call a ‘Pure Darkness’…something with the power of ten other Darkness, thus it would have been an incredibly powerful weapon during the coming conflict…

Conjack Darkright’s life timeline-Part 1 (The Darkling war):

10,223 BC- Conjack Darkright is born in a small village on the edge of Darkling territory. He lives a normal life yet never has his Darkness awaken, despite the fact that most Darklings have their Darkness awake before the age of 5.

10,211 BC-The Night of Fire. The power of Zanton is unleashed upon Conjack’s village with devastating results. In the burning inferno Conjack is trapped in his house by four Darklings that had given in to their Darkness. One of them kills his mother and, as she dies in his arms and the young Conjack gives into his fear, his Darkness finally awakens. Conjack can only watch as snakes and tendrils rip apart the attacking Darklings before he is dragged into the shadows, leaving his dead mother behind. When he comes too, he is stood in a forest near his home, just in time to see Zanton fly away from what burned remains are left of his home…
The next few years are spent roaming the Darkling territory, trusting the voice in his head that promised to aid him (His mother’s Darkness had been very kind to him) and hearing of some terrible war that is raging somewhere…

10, 200 BC- An emissary for the Darkling high council finally appears before Conjack after they had been tracking him since the Night of Fire. The emissary tries to make Conjack come to the council for ‘help’ but the Darkness screams out that the council are a threat and, in a fit of panic, Conjack makes the emissary his first true kill…

10,199 BC- The war in heaven takes a turn for the worse and Darklings are finally drafted into to join in the fighting having before then claimed that a war above was of no concern for them. Within the first week of joining, the Darkling race is reduced in population by nearly a half…

10,199 BC- A group of rebels forms within the Darkling capital city, claiming that their race had no place in the war and that they should all embrace the meaning of their Darkness and become free. Though the council moves to stop them, a vicious skirmish breaks out in the streets and the council is forced to release a group of elite Heartless (The race of darkness born creatures that the Darklings kept sealed and guard) in order to stop the riot. However this taboo act only serves to bring more and more Darklings to support the rebels that have begun to build up in other cities.

10,197 BC- As the war in heaven continues and rebellion threatens to tear the Darkling race apart, a new group of armed men track down and appear before the now 36 year old Conjack Darkright who had been living quietly in the countryside during the conflict. They attempt to bring him in by force, claiming that he was needed for what was coming but Conjack resists. He kills several of them with his Darkness before retreating.

10,196 BC- War finally breaks out among the Darklings. The resulting conflict is nothing short of apocalyptic as it combines with the continuing conflict in heaven. Darkling turns upon Darkling, brother and brother and some even attempt to become an independent faction in the heaven war…though this action is soon quelled by attacks from those already fighting.
Conjack finds himself caught in the middle of both wars as he is viewed off as a living weapon of destruction thanks to his ‘Pure Darkness’. The council, the rebels, the gods and so on all fight to both win his loyalty, force it out of him or simply destroy him in order to deny his power to other factions. All the while, Conjack continues to fight in trust of the Darkness, aiming to stay alive and away from the conflict that is quickly killing his race.

10,185 BC- After years of what felt like none stop attacks at both his loyalty and his life by the council, including a council chosen mage unleashing a sea of Heartless and other demons upon a small human village in order to test out a plan to destroy everything (The attack on Hrar’s village); Conjack Darkright finally makes a move and goes on the attack. He joins with a group of rebels and leads them in an attack upon the capital city of the council. What few Darkling warriors are left alive take part in the battle and very few survive before Conjack manages to fight his way into the high council, where he promptly kills everyone. However, the dying last council member gives Conjack these last words…
“Those that you view of as your only friends will betray you and you will find yourself alone in time, betrayer of our king…yet you will find hope in the most unlikely of places and only when all hope is gone”

10,184 BC- Despite finally having victory, the remains of the rebels find they have given too much to their Darkness and slowly tear themselves apart as what little of the Darkling race and society remains crumbles and burns. When Conjack tries to intervene, the true nature of his own Darkness is finally revealed and he is forced to watch his race die…
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Conjack's timeline (For Negima/GURPS players) Empty Re: Conjack's timeline (For Negima/GURPS players)

Post by comingdarkness on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:19 pm

These dates are utterly made up…

Part 2: Alone
Yer…nothing much of interest happens here other than Conjack being completely and utterly alone for thousands of years. His entire race is dead (By his own hands), the world had forgotten him and the one thing that was supposed to be his most loyal and true ally, the Darkness, has instead been revealed as his greatest enemy, battling in a mental war against its host for power and control.
He wonders aimlessly for centuries simply surviving as he moves between planes from the Dark realm to the Magical World and the real world, becoming sort of a specter that appears throughout legends of different human and none human cultures. The whispering Dark, a being that exists as nothing but legend and shadows.
Around 1300, he comes to live in a small cottage just above a village in northern England. He lives here in silence as the Darkness resumes its mental war…

Part 3: Evangeline

19th August, 1355: Conjack almost looses his war against the Darkness so goes to a tavern in the nearby village, there he hears a bard sing a song that he sort of takes as his song for the rest of his life.
On the way home he tries to prove his mental standing to the Darkness by saving a young girl that he sees being attacked by a group of church knights. He allows the Darkness to vent itself upon the knights before going to her, finding to the Darkness’ rage that she is a vampire. Despite it’s demands for him to kill her, Conjack sees a girl that is now alone in the world after being stripped of her loved once and future, a girl who is now stuck in a world of the dark and would be hated by all those who walk in the day.
He decides to give her the one thing he never had…a place to call home where she could be safe…
(This has been fluffed on the main RPG topic)

16nd October, 1355: After the girl seems unable to adjust to her curse and simply spends her time staring out at the village from his garden, Conjack shows her the night as a Darkling sees it, through his eyes, despite the fact that in Darkling culture, this was supposed to be only done with what the Darkness called ‘the one’ and never with a none Darkling.
The girl then seems to accept something and reveals herself to be named Evangeline A.K. McDowell, she begins to call him ‘master’ as if to prove to herself that he is now her mentor in the world of night that she has now been forced into…
[This has been fluffed in the first post here: https://burntlegion.darkbb.com/t1105-something-worth-fighting-for-a-negima-gurps-fluff ]

17th October, 1355: After realizing that Eva still feels lonely, he decides to create a companion for her. Thus he creates Chachazero. However, an attack from the Darkness results in the puppet becoming tainted in a way that will not become obvious straight away…
[All fluffed in here: https://burntlegion.darkbb.com/t1105-something-worth-fighting-for-a-negima-gurps-fluff ]

1389: Eva has adjusted well into her new life and has come to trust Conjack. However, she had never been told of the Darkness due to Conjack own fear of being shunned and, in a single night, it reveals itself to her in all of its cruelty.
Appearing in the dreams of the churchmen and soldiers of the village below, it tricks the humans into attacking Conjack’s cottage by revealing its location. Once they attack and burn the cottage, it then tricks Conjack into unleashing it, promising to not allow the men to hurt ‘the vampire’. This promise it keeps by butchering the soldiers and churchmen in front of Eva before turning on her itself. It even reveals the influence of its power over Chachazero and possesses her, using her as its own vassal. The first time the puppet ever holds a knife, is to attack Conjack Darkright.
Conjack is able to regain control of his body before he hurts Eva and the vampire still stays with him despite having seen what he is capable of.
[Fluff will come]

1440: A Darkling by the name of Perza locates Conjack and reveals himself, bringing hope to Conjack as it is revealed that he isn’t the only Darkling left alive. However…it is soon revealed that Perza is moving under the influence of his Darkness as he declares that Conjack and he should rule as the gods that the Darklings once were rather then hiding in the shadows. When Conjack refuses, Perza comes to belive that this is because of his connection with Evangeline and after a conflict, kidnaps her.
For the first time since the end of the war, Conjack openly embraces the Darkness and unleashes it upon Perza, who does the same with his own Darkness. Evangeline watches from the sidelines as the Darkling war is reenacted for a final time, leaving only a devastated Conjack left.
Feeling angry at her inability to aid in the fight, Eva requests Conjack to train her to fight.
[Fluff will come…once Jackie can be bothered]

1455: Eva’s training takes a bad turn as she is given powers by the Darkness ahead of the time that Conjack had viewed as right and they are both forced to fuse some of her power away into a scroll that Conjack places a guardian form of the Darkness over. This later becomes the scroll that Negi is given when he goes to the magic world.

1489: Evangeline learns how to create an adult body for herself

1498: Ezio Auditore da Firenze dies…

After this I sort of realized that making dates was getting annoying so here is a cheap bullet point list in order of what happens next…yer…

. Conjack and Eva (And Chachazero) travel for a long time, just as Conjack had done before he met here before coming to live in a new cottage away from civilization.
. Once Eva has grown older and independent she decides to leave Conjack and persure her own way. She goes leaves and goes onto continue the destructive path that she was seen to lead in the manga.
. Eva returns to Conjack abruptly after begin gone for hundreds of years, requesting his assistance in a battle against the great Thousand Master. Though she refuses to give him a reason for why, he agrees and aids her in preparing. However, when she confront the Thousand Master, upon her demand he stays hidden, watching from the shadows until Eva falls and he confronts Nagi as he places a curse upon her. Now Darkling and Thousand Master duel but the sun comes up and Nagi gets the moment he needs to disappear, taking Eva with him to, in his words ‘Live in the light’…

Part 4: The search
. Conjack spends five years searching for Eva, traveling to any place he hears about vampire rumors and so on. He meets many anime characters and you get the idea…
.Finds Eva finally at Mahora and, after a talk with the dean that Conjack didn’t net expect, he becomes a teacher there.
. Conjack sends some Heartless to infiltrate the Magic Academy in Wales and makes it so that Negi Springfield is sent Mahora, where Eva would be able to drink his blood and break her curse.

And the rest is history as they say.
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