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As of yet unnamed 3.5 game

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As of yet unnamed 3.5 game Empty As of yet unnamed 3.5 game

Post by Spiritcurse on Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:36 pm

[21:56] <@Kite> You wake up this morning in the mountain city, Khrome. The city is surrounded by many small rock formations and is known for the multitude of iron mines found here. In the center of town is a job board which is your current destination. After all you need money to pay for food.
[21:58] <Spiritcurse> Rising slightly annoyed from my bed, I first get myself dressed and armed. Naturally, a dagger slipped into the boot is the final part of getting dressed, and I head out of the door.
[22:00] <@Kite> As you walk out of your apartment you take the time to look at the door of your room the number being: 5C. The reason your room is so high up is mostly because you didn't have the money at the time to afford a room closer to the ground. However your landlord always jokes that the extra stairs will help keep you in shape.
[22:01] <Spiritcurse> I break into a light jog to get down the stairs sooner - the combination of stairs and my natural metabolism have left me in rather good shape.
[22:08] <@Kite> "Good morning Ciri how are you this morning?" You hear your landlord call out to you as you reach the final stair. He's obviously human and looks to be around his fifties though he does his best not to show it. When you first came to this city it was him that helped you find your way around.
[22:08] <Spiritcurse> "Hello there! Don't suppose you've found any work for me, have you?"
[22:09] <@Kite> "Sorry, not much I can offer you today, though I do have a letter from your parents if that's any better." He says cheerfully as he racks leaves off the grass in front of the apartment complex.
[22:10] <Spiritcurse> "Ooh, this should be good! They only send news when it's big." I take the letter eagerly and rip it open.
[22:12] <@Kite> Inside you find a small letter without many words on it apparantly. However what does grab your attention is a small glowing dragon scale that releases a soft purple light. The letter pretty much says: "We found this while adventuring and thought of you, Love Mom and Dad."
[22:13] <Spiritcurse> "Hey, look at this!" I hold the scale up and pocket the letter, gently checking the scale for magical effects.
[22:15] <@Kite> As you search the scale you can feel a faint magic on it though you can't tell what kind it is. The landlord whistles at the sight then grins. "Well then, seems like your day is starting off good already."
[22:16] <Spiritcurse> "Aye, maybe this thing means good luck!" I jump with glee and head out of the door, jogging to the job board.
[22:17] <@Kite> "Make sure you don't wander out to far. Harpies will get you!" Hecalls out as you continue to jog. Soon enough you are at the message board where other young adventures are standing, looking for that one job that will grant them what they want: be it money or the respect of the towns people.
[22:19] <Spiritcurse> After a brief moment of contemplation, I walk through the crowd, aiming to get close enough to read the board without shoving anybody too threatening.
[22:30] <@Kite> You see a rather simple job that asks for someone to kill the rats in their house. The job offers only a little money but its better than most of the jobs already taken.
[22:30] <Spiritcurse> I shrug and take the flyer. At the very least, it'll pay for dinner.
[22:31] <@Kite> The directions to the location tell you to go to one of the less, developed, parts of the town to deal with the problem.
[22:32] <Spiritcurse> Keeping one hand on the hilt of my rapier, I head in that direction.
[22:34] <@Kite> As you head towards the location you see people eyeing you wondering if they can take you. You shudder realizing this would probably be the place you ended up in town uf it wasn't for your landlord.
[22:35] <@Kite> You soon reach the place you were heading without any problems. It's a rather large house though it is slightly worn down. You can clearly see that someone lives inside.
[22:36] <Spiritcurse> I knock on the door while concentrating - it's probably best to focus before trying this.
[22:38] <@Kite> The door opens to reveal a lady, obviously human, who looks to be about 25. She quickly motions for you to come inside when you show her the flier.
[22:39] <Spiritcurse> Still with a hand on my rapier, I walk in.
[22:51] <Kite> "I have a problem with a rat that's down in the cellars of out house... Wait where are my manors? Would you like something to drink?" The lady asks nerveously. As you look around you notice no one else lives in the house besides her and the source of her nerveousness is the fact that your hand is still at your blade.
[22:51] <Spiritcurse> "My apologies, ma'am, but this is a rough part of town, I'm sure you understand. I'm alright for a drink, thank you." I say with a smile, hoping to put her at her ease.
[22:56] <Kite> The lady smiles though she still seems weary. She rushes off into the kitchen before coming back quickly with a small glass of tea. "Sorry I don't have much more to offer you." She says as she hands it to you.
[22:56] <Spiritcurse> "Thank you, ma'am. Now, about these rats..." I say, putting the tea down next to me and taking a seat.
[22:58] <Kite> "Oh, the rats run around in the cellar down there." She says pointing to a door which would logically lead downstares. "I've tried getting them to leave myself but it didn't work."
[22:59] <Spiritcurse> "Do you have any rat poison?"
[22:59] <Kite> "Rat... poison...? They make poisons for rats?" She says obviously confused.
[23:00] <Spiritcurse> "Well, it's a normal poison, but typically used on rats."
[23:02] <Kite> "That makes sense... let's see if I can find some..." she says before leaving to a closeby room. Looking at the room it seems like an utter mess with things everywhere. However on the wall a picture catches your eye it being of this same lady standing and smiling before a man.
[23:03] <Spiritcurse> I move closer and examine the picture, but not so closely as to make it obvious.
[23:05] <Kite> The picture shows the lady one year younger than what she is now though that's unsurprising since the picture is only dated one year back. Both of the people in the picture seem happy. Soon the lady finally let's out a triumphant cry of victory having finally found the rat pison, just o drop it almost instantly.
[23:08] <Spiritcurse> Putting my reflexes to good use, I dart across the room and grab the vial. "Careful there, miss."
[23:09] <Kite> "Sorry about that... let me... no I think it'll be better if you hold on to it." She says knowing she'll probably drop it again.
[23:10] <Spiritcurse> "That's probably for the best. Now, could I borrow some form of meat? It doesn't matter how old it is, just as long as rats'll eat it."
[23:12] <Kite> She nods before going to an icebox in the kitchen and pulling out some meat. The meat looks relatively fresh despite the dusty appearance of the house.
[23:13] <Spiritcurse> "Excellent, thank you." I grab a bowl, place the meat inside it, and begin pouring the poison onto the meat. "This should do the trick, but I'll go make sure there're no big ones down there."
[23:27] <Kite> As you open the door to head downstaires you can feel a rush of cold air and a few squeaks the scurrying of feet.
[23:28] <Spiritcurse> I close the door behind me and draw my rapier, while trying to see where most of the rats are nesting.
[23:31] <Kite> You can feel the presence of multiple eyes watching you though nothing obvious is scene.

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As of yet unnamed 3.5 game Empty Re: As of yet unnamed 3.5 game

Post by Twilightwings on Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:00 pm

As I said before, sorry for the session being so short. I'll make up for it on Monday if possible.

However I must say that anyone who reads this message that wants to take part should be there on monday. Spiritcurse is going to need you there.
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