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Post by Spiritcurse Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:21 pm

[22:28] <@Spiritcurse> The two of you have recently been contacted by a House Kundarak representative regarding a caravan set to leave in a days time from the market square. It intends to travel along the river to Keth, and from there on to Taer Valaestas. The pay is quite good, and the work seems easy enough. The letter ends with a Sigis stamp, assuring you of its authenticity.
[22:33] <Codex> I proceed to the marketplace to search for easy money.
[22:34] <@Spiritcurse> The marketplace, as you expected, is fairly full of tourists just begging to be parted from their purses. As the last bastion of civilisation before the desert, several adventurers and guards also patrol the stalls.
[22:37] <Codex> I give the place a bit of a scout around, searching for a likely target.
[22:37] <@Spiritcurse> Looking around, you notice one traveller in particular looking tired and slightly hungover - he should be easily pickpocketed, should the mood take you.
[22:38] <Codex> I look around him to make sure he's in an... accessable spot.
[22:39] <@Spiritcurse> He's leant over a stall at the moment, examining an array of several daggers. The merchant behind the stall barely acknoledges you, focusing instead on the man's hands.
[22:40] <Codex> I approach the stall and survey the items on sale, attempting to remain subtle as I make my attempt at his purse.
[22:41] <@Spiritcurse> You easily cut the strings of his purse and it lands gently in your palm, not a clink or a jingle to be heard. He and the merchant are now arguing prices, somewhat ironically.
[22:43] <Codex> I turn and take a walk to the opposite side of the market to see what other things are on offer.
[22:44] <@Spiritcurse> A wide range of merchandice adorns this market, but you spot a particular focus on water containers. Of the stalls, you notice only two to have some magical goods. One is a cleric selling curatives and restoratives, occasionally casting a healing charm on a patron. You also spot an enchanter, carefully weaving a protective spell over a suit of chain for a waiting customer.
[22:46] <Codex> I cast my gaze around, searching for any waiting customers at the enchanter's stall.
[22:47] <@Spiritcurse> Other than the prospective chain-wearer, the enchanter seems mostly free - customers appear more interested in trinkets and baubles than objects of actual power.
[22:48] <Codex> I look the prospective chain-wearer up and down for weapons or pouches that look easy to grab.
[22:50] <@Spiritcurse> He seems to have taken precautions against this, as you notice nothing obviously protruding that you can steal. His weapon is peacebonded, which aside from the diplomatic effects, makes it very difficult to steal.
[22:51] <Codex> Detured, I turn towards the healers stand instead.
[22:52] <@Spiritcurse> The healer is a clearly charismatic man, stood on a box and proclaiming the benefits of various potions and unguents to a baying crowd. You find yourself doubting if he's a real cleric, or in fact selling real potions at the prices he's offering.
[22:54] <Codex> I work my way into the crowd, looking for targets.
[22:56] <@Spiritcurse> Several stand out, as the crowd parts before you. Most seem eager to buy his potions, despite his outrageous claims.
[22:59] <Codex> I work my way to the front of the crowd, trying to catch the eye of the "Healer".
[23:00] <@Spiritcurse> After selling another few bottles, he turns his attention to you. "Ah, good sir! What can Brother Aratine do for you today?"
[23:01] <Codex> "I was wondering what wonderful concoctions you had for me today, brother."
[23:01] <@Spiritcurse> "Well, we've got a potion of healing, always popular with you adventurous sorts, a potion of performance, for, ahem, celebrating your exploits back home, and several to ward off the most common ailments caused by the desert air."
[23:04] <Codex> "How much are them potions of healing going for, good sir?"
[23:05] <@Spiritcurse> "A mere five gold, to a person of your obvious martial prowess."
[23:06] <Codex> "In that case," I start, digging out the appropriate amount of coins, "I'll take three."
[23:06] <@Spiritcurse> The man smiles and pockets your coins before grabbing three bottles off a rack, putting them in a small cloth bag and passing them to you with a disarming smile.
[23:08] <@Spiritcurse> The potions don't appear completely fake, but they are watered down and have silver flecks in them, presumably to impress the magically inexperienced. Given a few hours to distill, you should be able to make one decent potion from these.
[23:10] <Codex> I pocket the potions and look for anyone in the crowd who looks desperate to get their hands on a potion.
[23:11] <@Spiritcurse> Most of the crowd appears to be clamouring for potions of all sorts - while a cheat, the man is a gifted salesman. You notice the enchanter shake his head and light a pipe with his customer gone.
[23:16] <Codex> I decide it's time to take my leave, and proceed to the nearest tavern to get these potions sorted.
[23:17] <@Spiritcurse> The pub seems remarkably quiet, the populace seeming to have decided that it's too hot to get properly drunk. You notice a dwarf at the bar with the mark of Kundarak on the back of his hand, but other than him and a waitress, the bar is deserted. Literally.
[23:23] <Codex> I approach the bar and take a seat, "What've you got for me today, Maria?"
[23:24] <@Spiritcurse> "The usual, coming right up." She lowers her voice, and murmurs "Apparently that guy's in charge of the caravan to Taer Valaestas, he's been looking for you and another couple of guys."
[23:25] <Codex> "Was that today?" I reply, lowering my voice similarly.
[23:26] <@Spiritcurse> "Yeah, says he sent a letter to a few people he'd been told about by a friend."
[23:27] <Codex> "Thanks for the reminder." I give a wink as I turn to the Dwarf.
[23:28] <Codex> "So, uh, I hear you've been looking for me?"
[23:28] <@Spiritcurse> "Aye, heard you've got more skills than most in here. Feel like a little escort job?"
[23:30] <Codex> "Sounds good to me. What am I taking where?"
[23:32] <@Spiritcurse> "A cousin of mine, high ranking woman in house Kundarak, is getting married in a week. We're to move a few wedding presents from place to place, and given the nature of both the woman and the presents, need guards. Normally we'd use Denieth or Kundarak guards, but we're trying to get this under the scrying orbs, you understand."
[23:33] <Codex> I give a nod. "Very hush-hush then, gotcha'."
[23:34] <@Spiritcurse> "Exactly, so we'd appreciate it if you could keep this quiet. Pay is five hundred gold - a third when we set off, the rest when we arrive."
[23:34] <Tavolk> The main door opens and a Dwarf that looks a little too tall to be average height walks in. He has rather "used" plate armour, a symbol of Kord and a Large dwarven warhammer hooked through the shield on his back. He walks over to the bar and sits at a reasonable distance from the obviously secret conversation between an elf and a Dwarf.
[23:35] <Tavolk> "Barmaid" He says in a respectful tone "One drink, whatever you've got." He slumps slightly and holds his head in his hands. He looks rather worse for wear.
[23:35] <@Spiritcurse> Maria gives a look of concern, before filling a tankard with ale and bringing it to the newcomer. "Are you alright there?"
[23:37] <Tavolk> "Been better. Don't suppose I was in here the other night? I don't remember a thing..." His voice trails off as he flicks a few coins along with a generous tip to the maid
[23:38] <Codex> I nod to the lesser armoured Dwarf and begin, "Sounds like a good deal. Who am I escorting this caravan with then?"
[23:39] <@Spiritcurse> "You came in here fairly late, starting drinking, then a few hours in took a slug to the face from an orc, who you promptly laid out. Don't you remember?" Maria asks with serious worry. The Kundarak dwarf gives a small laugh and points. "That man. He fought well for a drunkard."
[23:40] <Codex> I give the dwarf a good look, up and down, sizing him up. "Looks a bit pale to me."
[23:41] <Tavolk> I give the dwarf a thanking look and say "No I remember nothing of... Anything." Turning to the elf "Seems that last night would do that to most."
[23:42] <@Spiritcurse> You can see the trademark signs of a memory drug - his eyes are slightly bloodshot, and a green tinge to his cheeks gives it away to someone with experience.
[23:43] <Codex> I proceed to pull out my three watered-down healing potions and mix them up. "You say you don't remember anything, eh?"
[23:44] <Tavolk> "Nothing. It's like someone pulled out my memories. I have a name... I remember my faith... Other than that. I know nothing" He eyes the tankard and downs it quickly. He seems more refreshed now.
[23:45] <Codex> I turn to the waitress, "Who was pouring his drinks last night?"
[23:45] <@Spiritcurse> "I was, thought now that I think about it... there was a man who carried them to his table. I thought nothing of it - it was busy, I was grateful for the help."
[23:46] <Tavolk> "Who was this man? Was I drinking with him?" The dwarf seems eager to know anything.
[23:47] <Codex> I raise an eyebrow, inspecting the potions, wondering if they're actually fit for consumption. "I think you've been drugged, friend." I place a healing potion in front of him. "Down that."
[23:47] <@Spiritcurse> "He just seemed fairly plain - human, tall, looked like a mercenary or something. I didn't really pay it much mind, sorry."
[23:49] <Tavolk> "No distinctive markings?" The dwarf sighs "Verry well then." He turns to the potion "Thankyou elf. May I ask your name?" Before drinking the potion he places his hand over the top of the potion and says a short prayer to kord.
[23:50] <@Spiritcurse> "He had a tattoo over his eye - not a mark, like yours", she nods to the Kundarak dwarf, "but an ink one."
[23:51] <Codex> "Theren." I extend a hand. "You owe me 20 gold coins."
[23:52] <@Spiritcurse> The Kundarak dwarf grins. "My kind of person."
[23:55] <Tavolk> The dwarf raises an eyebrow "Perhaps I shall pass on your offer for the potion. It appears somewhat diluted. I will however offer you my services should you require them, you warned me of this "drug". I feel I owe you. Perhaps I can assist in your current venture while I search for this mystery mercenary?" I take out a cloth and some charcoal.
[23:55] <Tavolk> Then to the waitress "could you draw the tattoo for me?"
[23:55] <@Spiritcurse> She nods, and draws a small symbol, adjusting it once or twice. It seems remarkably realistic, she's a gifted artist.
[23:57] <Tavolk> "You have a gifted hand. Would you attempt to draw this mans face as well?"
[23:58] <@Spiritcurse> "I can try, I've never been good with faces". She turns the cloth over and begins drawing a new picture, this once less detailed. It'd probably be enough to match a face to, if you saw it.
[23:58] <Codex> Your services are worth far more than 20 gold, Keep the potion, you may need it. I don't think it's THAT water'd down."
[00:02] <Tavolk> "Thankyou Theren." I bow slightly " I down the potion quickly.
[00:02] <@Spiritcurse> You feel your bruises heal and your memory seem to restore, albeit neither perfectly.
[00:05] <Codex> "How's that?"
[00:06] <Tavolk> "Theren. This potion helped more than expected. I remember... my childhood... vague but there... Hmmnn there is much to think about."
[00:07] <@Spiritcurse> The Kundarak dwarf downs his drink and turns to both of you. "Right, you two seem to be all that answered my letter, anything you want to know? By the way, sunrise tomorrow, out there."
[00:07] <Codex> "You should find an Alchemist or Apothacary." I turn to the Kundarak dwarf. "Gotcha'."
[00:09] <Tavolk> "You have my hammer friend." I tip the waitress generously again and collect up the drawings.
[00:10] <@Spiritcurse> "Right, now I'm going to make sure everything's packed. Have a nice evening, you three." The dwarf stands, causing an almost perceptible change in his total height, and leaves.
[00:13] <Codex> "Let's find you that Alchemist then. Can't have you forgetting how to fight now, can we?"
[00:14] <Tavolk> "I'm right behind you."

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