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Hunger part 4

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Hunger part 4 Empty Hunger part 4

Post by Sky-Slasher Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:22 pm

Hello again from my long absense, I'm surprised that the P&M section here has gone dark... Here is what I've been working on for Hunger part 4

My skin ripples gently as I stalk through the damp jungle… My breath rasps through my tendrils. Despite my unquenchable hunger, my patience must hold out. I am driven to target a fleshling; I want to target it too.

I smell the faint scent of smoke drifting close to me. I know I’m close to it. This pink insignificant life form is going to die. My camouflage blends me in so well to this area. I rasp again, desperate to sate my hunger.

I creep closer to my prey. It chatters and yelps by itself with other fleshlings. Are these creatures dying? I quickly lose interest in their antics. I need to concentrate on what I am impelled to do.

I am ready to strike; I smell him with my tendrils. Close enough to strike with my talons. With a snap of my talons, I render his armoured hide useless, impaling him on my spiked claws. His brood run in all directions from my ambush. I kill them all in quick succession; their squeals turn to gurgles as my fangs plunge into their throats.

With my hunger only partially sated, I blend into the flora once more and search for prey…

Thanks for reading!

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Hunger part 4 Empty Re: Hunger part 4

Post by comingdarkness Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:54 pm

Nice Smile
Seems like an interestig insight into the mind of the beast
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